Kerala Vision Broadband Unlimited Plans, Customer Care (2022)

Today, we will see about the Kerala Vision Broadband Plans in this article. Kerala Vision is the 1st IP TV technology that enables cable channels in India.  It is a transportation, storage, and communication company. KCCL is the 1st cable television operator in Kerala under the guidance of the Cable Operators Association (COA). The first project of Kerala Communicators Cable Limited (KCCL) is Kerala Vision Channel. Kerala Vision Broadband is also a KCCL project. 

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About Kerala Vision:

Kerala Vision is a Malayalam 24-hour Entertainment and News channel promoted by KCCL. This company was launched in April 2006. The headquarters of this company is situated in Thrissur, Kerala. The founder of this company is Kerala Communications Cable Ltd. You can get the fastest internet service with Kerala Vision. You can watch several TV shows such as Kannassum Kadalassum, Hello Malayali, My fitness, Oruvattam Koodi, Ayursuraksha, and many more shows with this service. 

Kerala Vision service is available everywhere in Kerala. It provides high-speed internet service, system security, uninterrupted service, unlimited plans, and live customer support. KCCL is also provided Internet service for customers along with cable TV service. If you want to subscribe to the Kerala vision internet service, you need to contact your cable operator directly. You can also visit the Kerala vision website for a new internet connection. Here we will provide the Kerala Vision Broadband Plan details.

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Unlimited Plans of Kerala Vision Broadband:

UL10M 10 Mbps 499 Unlimited 89.82 588.82
UL20M 20 Mbps 649 Unlimited 116.82 765.82
UL50M 50 Mbps 1049 Unlimited 188.82 1,237.82

FUP Plans of Kerala Vision Broadband: 

FUP10M40G 10 Mbps 399 40 GB 2 Mbps 71.82 470.82
FUP20M200G 20 Mbps 549 200 GB 2 Mbps 98.82 647.82
FUP50M600G 50 Mbps 799 600 GB 2 Mbps 143.82 942.82
FUP60M600G 60 Mbps 1199 600 GB 2 Mbps 215.82 1,414.82
FUP80M600G 80 Mbps 1299 600 GB 3 Mbps 233.82 1,532.82
FUP100M600G 100 Mbps 1399 600 GB 4 Mbps 251.82 1,650.82
FUP100M1000G 100 Mbps 1899 1000 GB 5 Mbps 341.82 2,240.82
FUP200M2000G 200Mbps 2499 2000 GB 10Mbps 449.82 2,948.82

DATA Booster (For FUP Plans Only) of Kerala Vision Broadband:

DB20G FUP BOOSTER 99 20 GB N/A 17.82 116.82
DB50G FUP BOOSTER 199 50 GB N/A 35.82 234.82
DB100G FUP BOOSTER 299 100 GB N/A 53.82 352.82

1 Year FUP Plans of Kerala Vision Broadband:

FUP1Y10M720G Up to 10 Mbps 2499 60 GB PER MONTH 1 Mbps 449.82 2,948.82
FUP1Y20M960G Up to 20 Mbps 3499 80 GB PER MONTH 2 Mbps 629.82 4,128.82
FUP1Y40M1200G Up to 40 Mbps 4699 100 GB PER MONTH 4 Mbps 845.82 5,544.82

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Kerala Vision Broadband Exclusive for Cable TV Subscribers:

CPULEP4M Up to 4 Mbps Unlimited 500 (Including TAX)
CPULEP8M Up to 8 Mbps Unlimited 700 (Including TAX)
CPULHD4M Up to 4 Mbps Unlimited 600 (Including TAX)
CPULHD8M Up to 8 Mbps Unlimited 800 (Including TAX)

1 Year Unlimited Plans of Kerala Vision Broadband:

UL1Y10M 10 Mbps 5899 UNLIMITED WITH 14 MONTHS VALIDITY 1061.82 6960.82
UL1Y20M 20Mbps 7699 UNLIMITED WITH 14 MONTHS VALIDITY 1385.82 9084.82

SME Unlimited Plans of Kerala Vision Broadband:

SME10M 10Mbps 2999 Unlimited Data 539.82 3,538.82
SME20M 20Mbps 5799 Unlimited Data D1043.82 6,842.82
SME30M 30Mbps 9999 Unlimited Data 1799.82 11,798.82
SME40M 40Mbps 12999 Unlimited Data 2339.82 15,338.82
SME50M 50Mbps 18999 Unlimited Data 3419.82 22,418.82
SME60M 60Mbps 23999 Unlimited Data 4319.82 28,318.82
SME80M 80Mbps 29999 Unlimited Data 5399.82 35,398.82

Kerala Vision Address:

Uzhaloor Temple Road, South Thoravu,
Puthukkad, Thrissur-680301,

Kerala Vision Toll-Free Numbers:

  • Thrissur NOC: 0480-2755755
  • Calicut NOC: 0495-2745655

Kerala Vision Email ID:

  • You can send your Queries and Enquiries to
  • You can send your Finance Related Queries to


We have provided the complete details for Kerala Vision Broadband. If you want to use Kerala Vision internet service, you need to contact your cable operator directly or you need to visit the website for an internet connection. We hope this article is very helpful to know more details about the Kerala Vision Broadband. If users have any doubts about Kerala Vision Broadband, they can ask their doubts in the comment section below. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions for Kerala Vision Broadband:

1. What are the services provided by Kerala Vision?

Kerala Vision provides both internet service and cable TV service for their customers.

2. How can you recharge your Kerala Vision Broadband?

You can easily make a payment by visiting the Kerala Vision website or pay the amount directly to your local cable provider for your Kerala Vision Internet Service.

3. Which is the best internet service provider in Kerala?

Kerala Vision is the best internet service provider in Kerala. You can enjoy and experience the fastest Kerala Vision internet service from anywhere in Kerala. 

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