How To Turn Off Wifi Calling Android/iPhone (Samsung)

How To Turn Off Wifi Calling Android/iPhone (Samsung/Realme/Redmi/Vivo): Android users have been elaborating its network all over the world because of its user-friendly features. People always feels pleasure to use android mobiles than any other models because of its flexibility in applications and also in storage. In the evolution of Android mobiles, we are also using internet in it based on our needs. Along with this internet facility android, the mobile phone has various features which are the important reasons for its evolution from day one till now. Similarly, Wifi has also become a most wanted feature in androids now-a-days as a result of its evolution.  

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About Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi, belongs to the group of wireless network protocols that can be used for local area networking of devices and Internet access for the nearby devices by radio waves. This Wi-Fi feature was first developed in 1998 which was used for the personal computers, gaming and so on. This Wi-Fi feature has been used most widely for computer networks initially. Later it was further developed using for various devices like laptops, tablet computers, smartphones, smart Ts, and so on. The smartphones also include Android mobile phones in which we can also Wi-Fi feature instead of mobile data. Recently many places staring providing free Wi-Fi’s for their customers like libraries, coffee shops, hotels, libraries, airports and many more public places too. 

About Wi-Fi calling (Android):

This Wi-Fi got much attention only when a feature called Wi-Fi call feature was launched in smartphones.  After this feature got popular many companies began to provide this feature and also many network companies have also started to provide Wi-Fi by many local Service providers. As days went along this feature among people so all the network companies started providing their services with good bandwidth. So, in this post let us see in detail about Wi-Fi call feature and all also more about the options it has. 

This Wi-Fi call feature is now been in all smartphones/android phones. When needed the users can have it any time but in some situations like poor internet connection the users will be asked to disable this feature function. Because poor connection might disturb the call and sometime when the Wi-Fi is on it might disturb the call due to poor network. This Wi-Fi calling was introduced which can be replaced by usual call service. Instead of using this normal call service one can use this Wi-Fi connection and can call to anyone using this Wi-Fi calling feature. There are many other applications through which people can call and engage with others but this feature helps you to connect with others without any application and also there is no need of any APN settings to avail this Wi-Fi calling feature. 

As said above now-a-days Wifi calling feature is found in all types of android mobile phones irrespective of the company. As everyone are willing to have this feature every android mobile has its own inbuilt option, that if you don’t want to have this Wi-fi calling then you can go to your call settings in your Android and can disable it whenever needed. Now let us see in detail about how to turn off Wi-Fi calling Android.

How To Turn off  Wifi Calling Android (Samsung/Realme/Redmi/Vivo):

As mentioned earlier if you don’t want this Wi-Fi calling feature to be disabled then follow the steps given below,

  1. At the beginning of your Android device and go into the settings option in your mobile
  2. There you can find an option named as Network, just click it,
  3. Then you will find SIM card settings options just go into it.
  4. Again, you will be able to find another option named as SIM card for which Wi-Fi calling is to be enabled and click it
  5. As you scroll down you can find Wi-Fi calling option in that just click disable the Wi-Fi calling and click the confirm button.
  6. So, this how we can turnoff or disable the Wi-Fi calling feature in android.
  1. However, if you need this option again you again follow the above steps and can able the option.

How To Turn off Wi-Fi calling in iOS/iPhone Device:

We have seen about how to turn off Wi-Fi calling in Android above, now we are going to see about the steps to disable it in iOS device.

  1. Get into your iPhone first and then move to settings menu.
  2. Choose the option Cellular.
  3. Then, click Wi-Fi calling option.
  4. Now you will be able to find Calls menu bar under settings.
  1. Now choose the green button and allow it to disable the Wi-Fi calling option.
  2. After disabled, now you can use the normal call service and when you are in need to use the Wi-Fi calling feature to be activated again then you can follow the above steps and cab able the option.

So, this Wifi Calling feature is all about free of cost. You need no to pay any bill separately for using this feature in your Android or iOS device. But all you need is a good internet connection either a Wi-Fi or even mobile data with good speed is enough to do access this Wi-Fi calling feature. 


This Wi-Fi calling feature is much used by all the android users but the only difficulty in this feature is that it can drain your battery fast when compared with the usual call service. In this we have seen about Wi-Fi calling feature and about How to turn off Wi-Fi calling android. I hope this post might be useful for you and for further queries can mention below in the comment section. 

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