How To Activate Vi SIM Card Postpaid/Prepaid 2023

How to activate Vi SIM card Postpaid/Prepaid: Vi is one of the largest and best telecom service providers in India. The activation of the Vi SIM card is an integral part of the mobile network connection request. If you want to upgrade your SIM from 3G to 4G or get a completely new connection, you will be given a new SIM. If the phone is damaged or your SIM is lost, you can also get a new SIM for the same mobile number. 

There are multiple different methods available to activate a Vi SIM card. You can start a Vi SIM card by visiting a nearby Vi store, dialing a number, and sending an SMS. Before we go into the primary matter, be aware that you cannot activate Vi SIM card online, although it is entirely free. However, you can sign up for a user account online. Then, with the My Vi Apps for Android and iOS on the Internet or at your doorstep, you can track the SIM card being delivered for free. After completing the activation process, you can monitor your activity, receive temporary benefits and promotions, and pay your bills within the app itself. Let's see the step-by-step process to activate Vi SIM cards in all possible methods.

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How To Activate Vi SIM card (Postpaid):

  1. Activate Vi SIM card by asking the delivery person.
  2. Activate Vi SIM card by sending SMS.
  3. Activate Vi SIM card by calling.

  4. Activate Vi SIM card by visiting a store.

Activate Vi SIM card by asking the delivery person:

  • This is the easiest way to activate a postpaid Vi SIM card. The person who delivers your free SIM card is Vodafone Idea Executive and trained to assist you in starting the Vi SIM card.

Activate Vi SIM card by Sending SMS To 55199 :

  1. This is the simplest and fastest way to activate Vi SIM cards manually. Just follow the below-given steps properly to start your Vi SIM card quickly. 
  2. Open the messaging app on your device and type SIMEX (19-20 digit SIM card number) without brackets from any activated mobile number.
  3. You can find the SIM card number printed on the full-size SIM / Mini-SIM card or the SIM card jacket that came with it.
  4. Send that typed message to 55199.
  5. Once your message is delivered, you will receive a tracking SMS from 55119 with your SIM card number, but without the last six digits.
  6. You will need to text the last six digits or miss six numbers to 55199 within 2 hours of receiving the SMS. 
  7. If the phone number you texted is correct, it will send you a success text in its reply message.
  8. Now you need to insert the new Vi SIM card on the device, activating it within 20 minutes.

Remember that this service is only available during business hours. If you send an SMS before or after the business hour, your request will be processed on the next business Hour.

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Activate Vi SIM card by calling: 

Another way to activate a Vi SIM card is to call 59059 (from India) through any active phone number. When you call this number, the call is recorded and answered by a voice machine. It will ask you to enter required information like SIM card number, Vi account number and your ID card details. Once they verify the entered data, they'll activate your Vi SIM card. The disadvantages are that it takes 24 hours to verify the information, and you will not receive any feedback.

Activate Vi SIM card by visiting a store:

If the above methods do not work for you, you can visit any Vi store to activate Vi SIM card. You can use the Vi-Store Locator feature on its website to locate the Vi store by entering a location pin or your city name. You need to visit the store with proof of identity and address documents like Aadhar, Voter ID, driving license, passport, etc... You can also use the same papers for both.

Procedure to activate Vi SIM card (Prepaid):

The activation process for Vi's prepaid SIM card is the same as the process for a postpaid Vi SIM card. The only difference is that the Vi prepaid SIM card will be activated automatically in a few hours.

Concluding Words:

These are the methods to activate a Vi SIM card. I hope any of these methods given here will work for you, and now you have successfully started your Vi SIM card.

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