WhatsApp folder on Android (file///sdcard//Whatsapp) & iPhone 2024

Find WhatsApp Folder in Android: We all know that Whatsapp is today's most popular multifunctional messaging application. While chatting, we all share some pictures, videos, or documents with others. But sometimes, finding the saved WhatsApp files on your phone is challenging. If you have to see where is the WhatsApp folder in your Android device or iPhone, don't worry. This article will detail the step-by-step solution to finding a WhatsApp folder on Android (file///sdcard//Whatsapp) & iPhone.

How to Find WhatsApp Folder on Android:

On older Android Versions, WhatsApp documents are saved in the "WhatsApp" folder, specifically in the "Documents" subfolder. When you receive or transfer documents over WhatsApp, they are saved on your device's internal storage in this location. On Android, the standard route for WhatsApp documents is as follows,

Internal Storage > WhatsApp > 
Media > WhatsApp Documents 

This folder contains many documents, such as PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and other items sent or received via WhatsApp. Otherwise, if you are using the SD Card to store the files, you can search as below,

Sdcard > WhatsApp > Media > 
WhatsApp Documents (file///sdcard//WhatsApp)

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Steps to Find WhatsApp Folder in Android 11:

Compared to older Android versions, Android 11 is different. Now, Android stores data from third-party apps in the Android Folder. Suppose you are using Android 11 and looking for the WhatsApp folder, then follow the below steps,

  1. Open the File Manager on your mobile. Ensure you have a file manager app installed on your Android 11 device. 
  2. You can download "Files by Google" or any reputable file manager app from the Google Play Store if you don't have one.
  3. Now, select the internal storage option.
  4. Then Click on Android and Select the Media option.
  5. Select com.whatsapp and open the WhatsApp folder.
  6. Choose the media, audio, or any document you shared on WhatsApp.

For WhatsApp app info, Open the device's Settings and go to "Apps & notifications." Then, find and tap on "WhatsApp" in the list of installed apps. Inside the WhatsApp app settings, look for "Storage & permissions" or "Storage." 

You should see an option to "View storage usage" or something similar. In this section, you'll find details about how much space WhatsApp uses for media, documents, and other files. Some file managers also provide an option to jump to the WhatsApp folder directly from here.

Steps to Find WhatsApp Folder on iPhone:

iPhones have a closed file system, and you don't have direct access to the app's file structure as on Android. As a result, the WhatsApp folder and its contents are inaccessible using the usual iOS interface. However, you can still access specific types of data within WhatsApp and backups using the techniques listed below:

  • Whatsapp Settings: Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone and navigate to "Settings."
  • Chats: In the settings, select "Chats."
  • Backup Chat: Find the "Chat Backup" option. It is where you can back up your Whatsapp chats to iCloud, including media and documents.

This backup procedure involves media files (photos, videos) sent and received through WhatsApp. Still, it does not give access to individual documents like you would find on Android's file system. WhatsApp data on iPhone is stored within the app and backed up to iCloud.

How to Find Your WhatsApp Backup Folder on Android & iPhone?

WhatsApp saved a local backup in our devices. This local backup remains on the device for almost a week. If you want to check your WhatsApp backup or want to find your WhatsApp backup folder on Android, 

Device Manager app > Storage > 
WhatsApp > Databases

Suppose you are using an SD Card for storage; then the WhatsApp Local Backup can be found at 

SD Card > WhatsApp > Databases

On your iPhone, automated backups are not enabled by default. So, you must enable the backup option to store the WhatsApp data. Check out the below guide to find the Whatsapp backup folder on your iPhone,

  1. Go to settings and Click on the iCloud option
  2. Select a Backup option and make sure the iCloud backup option is enabled
  3. Also, make sure WhatsApp is also allowed in the iCloud option
  4. After that, open Whatsapp and Go to Settings
  5. Select Chats and Click on Chat Backup to back up the data

Why WhatsApp Folder Not Showing in Internal Storage Samsung?

The WhatsApp folder is not showing in the internal storage on your Samsung phone; there could be several reasons. Here are some reasons,

  • Hidden Files
  • Folder Location Changed
  • Corrupted Files or Data
  • WhatsApp Uninstalled or Disabled
  • Custom ROM or Modified System

To resolve the issue and get the WhatsApp folder to show up in the internal storage again, you can try the following steps:

  • Restart Your Device: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve minor glitches, and the WhatsApp folder might reappear after the restart.
  • Check File Manager Settings: Ensure that your file manager app is set to display hidden files.
  • Reinstall WhatsApp: If WhatsApp is uninstalled, reinstall it from the Google Play Store. It should recreate the necessary folders.
  • Clear Cache: Go to your device's settings, find the "Apps" or "Applications" section, locate WhatsApp, and clear its cache. It might help if there was a temporary issue with the app.
  • Update WhatsApp: Ensure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your device.
  • Reset App Preferences: In some cases, resetting app preferences can resolve issues. Go to your device's settings, search "Reset," and select "Reset app preferences."


Finding the WhatsApp folder on Android & iPhone devices is essential for accessing image files, videos, chat backups, and other data. By understanding the folder's location and employing the appropriate methods, you can manage the WhatsApp folder or content effectively and keep chats and media files safe and accessible.


1. Where is Whatsapp Folder on Android Phone while using SD Card?

  • If you use SD Card for storage purposes, then you find by Sdcard >Whatsapp > Media > Whatsapp Documents (file///sdcard//Whatsapp)

2. Can I access the WhatsApp folder without using a file manager on Android?

  • You can access the WhatsApp folder on Android by connecting your device to a computer via USB. You can browse its internal storage and locate the WhatsApp folder to manage files and data.

3. Is there any way to access the WhatsApp folder on an iPhone without third-party tools?

  • Direct access to an iPhone's Whatsapp folder is only possible using third-party tools or software.

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