Lycamobile APN Settings 4G High-Speed Internet

Lycamobile APN Settings 4G iOS/Android Smartphone/Windows Smartphone/Blackberry High-Speed Internet: Today, we will see about the Lycamobile APN Settings in this article. Nowadays, everyone uses their internet for all-purpose like watch videos, upload files, and many more. Nowadays, everyone also communicates with their friends and family using their internet connection not using main balance. If your internet connection is poor or shows any issues then you have to modify the APN Settings on your device to get a good internet connection for your device.

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About Lycamobile Network:

Lycamobile is the best Mobile network operator company. The headquarters of this network is situated in the United Kingdom. This network is launched on 11th September 2006. The CEO of this company is Chris Tooley. This network is operated in 23 countries. Lycamobile network is active in United States, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, South Africa, France, Belgium, Spain, and many more. Lycamobile network offers high data plans, great discounts for customers. This network also offers unlimited calls to 29 countries. 

Lycamobile network also offers National and International Plans, Long Term Plans, Data Add On and special plans for customers. Users can choose their plans and recharge their selected plans online. Lycamobile network offers a bundle of best-prepaid plans SIM-only plans for customers. If your data connection is slow then you need to modify your Lycamobile APN Settings to get a good data connection on your device. Here we mentioned the Lycamobile APN Settings for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry device users. 

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LycamobileAPN settings (4G) available for Different Devices:

  1. Lycamobile APN Settings for Android Smartphone.
  2. Lycamobile APN Settings for ios devices.
  3. APN Settings for Lycamobileon Windows Smartphone.
  4. APN Settings for Lycamobileon Blackberry.

Lycamobile APN Settings (4G) for Android Device:

Step 1:Goto the Settings application on your Android device. Tap the connection option.
Step 2: Tap the “Mobile networks” and then the “APN” option on your Android device.
Step 3: Now, click on the Add icon on the screen of your device. Enter the Lycamobile APN Settings we mentioned below. 

Lycamobile APN Settings Android Galaxy s7 Device:

Name :Internet/MMS 2
Proxy:Not Required
Port : Not Required
Username : Not Required
Password:Not Required
Server : Not Required
MMS Proxy: Not Required
MMS Port: Not Required
MCC: Not Required
MNC: Not Required
Authentication Type: Not Required
APN Type: Not Required
APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming Protocol:IPv4

Step 4: Once you change the Lycamobile APN settings, you need to restart your device to apply the new APN Settings. 
Step 5: Now, you can use the high-speed internet connection on your Android device.

Lycamobile APN Settings (4G) for iPhone and iOS Device:

Step 1: Go to the settings and tap the Cellular option and turn on the cellular data on your device.
Step 2: Tap the Cellular Data option and then tap the Cellular Data Network option. Fill in the Lycamobile APN details as we provided below.

Lycamobile APN Settings iPhone Details :

Username :Leave it
Password :Leave it

Step 3: Now, fill in the below information in the “LTE Setup (Optional)” section.

APN :Leave Empty
Username :Leave Empty
Password :Leave Empty

Step 4: Enter the mentioned details in the MMS section.
Username: Not Required
Password: Not Required
MMS Proxy:Not Required
MMS Max Message Size:1048576

Step 5: Hit the home option to save the changes and restart your device to apply the Lycamobile APN Setting.

Lycamobile APN Settings (4G) for Windows Phone Device:

Step 1: Go to the app list and tap the Settings application on your device. Tap the “Network and Wireless” option and then the “Cellular and SIM” Option.
Step 2: In the Cellular Data section, you need to choose your SIM and select properties on your device. Under the Internet option, you need to choose the Add an Internet option on your device. 
Step 3: Fill the Lycamobile APN Settings we mentioned below to faster the internet connection on your windows device.

Lycamobile APN Settings Windows Phone Device :

Name :Internet/MMS 2
Username :Not Set
Password :Not Set
Type of sign-in info :Not Set
IP Type :IPv4
Proxy server :Not Set
Proxy port : Not Set

Step 4: In the cellular section, below the MMS APN Option, you have to select the Add an MMS APN Option. Fill in the MMS APN details as we provided below.

LycamobileMMS Settings:

Name :Internet/MMS 2
Username : Not Required
Password:Not Required
Type of sign-in info :Not Required
IP Type :IPv4
Proxy server :Not Required
Proxy Port :Not Required
MMSC port :Not Required
Maximum :MMS size (KB) 2048

Step 5: Tap the save option andRestart your windows device to make LycamobileAPN Settings Active on your device.

Lycamobile APN Settings (4G) for Blackberry:

Step 1: Go to the Settings application and then click on the Network Connections option on your Blackberry.
Step 2: Tap the “Mobile Network” option and then the option on your device. Fill the below Lycamobile APN Settings details
Username: Leave it
Password : Leave it

Step 3: You need to open the text messages and hit the 3 dots on the screen.
Step 4: Hit the settings and then choose the text messages option on your device. Now, choose the MMS option on your Blackberry and enter the following LycamobileMMS settings.

Lycamobile APN Settings:

Step 5: You have to tap the save option and restart your Blackberry to apply the Lycamobile APN Settings.

Frequently asked questions for Lycamobile APN Settings:

1.How to check the Lycamobile balance on your device?

  • You have to dial 131 numbers and listen to your Lycamobile balance on your device 
  • If you are abroad then you have to dial +611300854681 and follow the instructions to check your Lycamobile balance.

2.How can I geta goodly mobile Internet Connection?

  • Users can faster the internet speed on their device by changing the LycamobileAPN Setting on their device, 

3.Can I share my device’s Lycamobile internet connection via personal hotspot or tethering?

  • Yes, you can share your Lycamobile internet connection with another device using a personal hotspot or tethering method.

Last Words:

In this article, we have provided some details about how to change the LycamobileAPN Settings for different devices. Now, users can get complete information about the LycamobileAPN Settings. Users can enjoy the Lycamobilefaster internet connection on their device with LycamobileAPN Settings. If you have any doubts regarding the Lycamobile APN Settings, do leave your doubts in the comment section below. Thank you. 

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