Optus APN Settings 5G on (iPhone/android/windows/BB)

Optus APN Settings 5G/4G High-Speed Internet: Today we will see about the Optus APN Settings in this article. Using Optus APN Settings, you can improve your internet speed on your device. With a high-speed internet connection, you can watch HD videos, download apps, and many more on your device. For Optus network, the APN Settings is yes internet. If your device has an incorrect APN setting then you could not able to access a faster internet connection on your device.

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About Optus Network:

Optus is a telecommunications company. The headquarters of the Optus network is held in Macquarie Park, New South Wales, Australia. Kelly Bayer Rosmarin is the CEO of this company. Optus is the second largest telecommunication company in Australia. This network has more than 10.5 million subscribers. The original company is Optus Communications Pty Limited. Before modifying to Optus Communications Pty Limited name, it went through the names are Cable & Wireless Optus Limited, SingTel Optus Limited, and Cable & Wireless Optus Pty Limited.

This company is classified into 4 business areas are mobile, Consumer and Multimedia, Wholesale, and Business. Optus network offers several prepaid plans for its customers. Users can select their plan and recharge their plan online or by using the My Optus application. With the My Optus application, you can track your data usage, you can check your balance, and also you can recharge your prepaid plan. If you facing any issues with the internet connection, then you can use the Optus APN Setting to get a faster internet connection. Here, we provided the Optus APN Setting for different devices

OptusAPN settings (4G) available for Different Devices:

  1. APN Settings for Optus on Android Smartphone.
  2. OptusAPN Settings for Windows Smartphone.
  3. APN Settings for Optus on devices.
  4. Optus APN Settings for Blackberry.

Optus APN Settings (4G) for Android Device:

Step 1: You can open the Settings application on your Android device.
Step 2:
You need to click on the connection option and Press the “Mobile networks” on your Android device. Now click on the “APN” option.
Step 3: You have to tap the Add icon on the right top corner of the screen. Fill the Optus APN Settings we provided below. 

Optus APN Settings Details Android Smartphone

Name :Optus/Internet2 
APN: yesinternet
Proxy: Not Set
Port Not Set
Username: Not Set
Password: Not Set
server not: Set
MMSC: Not Set
MMS Proxy: Not Set
MMS Port: Not Set
Authentication Type: PAP
APN Type: Default
APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming: Protocol IPv4
Bearer: Unspecified

Step 4: Once you change the Optus APN settings, you have to restart your Android device. 

Step 5: Now, you can enjoy a high-speed internet connection on your device.

Optus APN Settings (4G) for Windows Phone Device:

Step 1:You go to the app list and open the Settings application on your device. 
Step 2: Hit the“Network and Wireless” option and then hit the “Cellular and SIM” Option on your windows device.
Step 3: In the Cellular section, you need to select your SIM and select properties on your device.
Step 4: Below the Internet option, you have to select the Add an Internet option on your windows device. Fill the Optus APN Settings we provided below to faster the internet connection.

Optus APN Settings Windows Phone:

APN: Yesinternet
Username: Not Set
Password: Not Set
Type of sign-in info: PAP
IP Type: IPv4
Proxy server: Not Set
Proxy Port: Not Set

Step 5: Hit the save option and restart your windows device to make the OptusAPN Settings active on your windows phone device.

Optus APN Settings (4G) for iPhone and iOS Device:

Step 1:You go to the settings and press the Cellular option. Now, Turn on the cellular data on your iOS device.
Step 2: Click on the Cellular Data option and then press the Cellular Data Network option. Fill in the Optus APN information as we mentioned below.

Optus APN Settings For iPhone Details:
APN: Yesinternet
Username: No Set
Password: No Set

Step 3: Now, enter the below details in the “LTE Setup (Optional)” section.

Optus AP
N Settings :Details
APN :Leave Blank
Username:Leave Blank
Password:Leave Blank

Step 4: Fill in the provided information in MMS Section.

Optus MMS Settings

Username:No Set
Password :No Set
MMS Proxy:No Set
MMS Max Message Size:1048576
MMS UA Prof URL:http://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf

Step 5:Hit the save and restart your device to apply the Optus APN Setting.

Optus APN Settings (4G) for Blackberry:

Step 1: Go to the Settings application and then click on the Network Connections option on your Blackberry.
Step 2: Tap the “Mobile Network” option and then the option on your device. Fill the Optus APN Settings details.

Optus APN Settings for blackberry Details

Username:Not Set
Password:Not Set

Step 3: You have to hit the save option and restart your Blackberry.

Frequently asked questions for Optus APN Settings:

1.How to change the Optus APN Settings on your mobile?

  • Enter the below APN Settings to change the Optus APN Settings on your mobile.

2.How do I recharge my Optus pre-paid service?

  • You can recharge the Optus prepaid services online or using the My Optus application on your device.

3.How can youimproveyourOptus Internet Connection?

  • By changing the Optus APN Setting on your device, you can easily improve the internet speed on your device. 

Last Words:

In this post, we have mentioned how to change the Optus APN Settings for different devices. Now, users can get the complete details about the Optus APN Settings. Users can enjoy the Optus high-speed internet connection on their device with Optus APN Settings. If you have any doubts regarding the Optus APN Settings, please leave your doubts in the comment section below. Thank you. 

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