Rogers APN Settings (4G-LTE) 2023 Canada

Rogers APNSettings(4G) Detailed information Android Phones/Windows Phones/iPhone/BB: Today, we will see about the Rogers APN Settings in this article. APN Settings is used to get the fastest data connection on your device. If you are facing any issues with the data connection then you will need to view and edit your Rogers APN Settings to get a high-speed data connection. The Access Point Name (APN) of Rogers

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About Rogers Network (Apn) 4g/5g:

Rogers is the best Canadian Telecommunication Company. Rogers network was launched in1960. The headquarters of Rogers network is situated in Toronto, Canada. The CEO of this network is Joe Natale and the founder of this network is Edward S. Rogers Jr. Rogers operates in the field of Cable television, High-speed Internet, Wireless communication, Broadcasting, Machine-to-machine communications, and Digital Media. It is one of the largest networks in Canada and also offers the most reliable 5G network for users. 

Rogers networks also offer infinite recharge plans for customers. You can text with your friends and family using an internet connection. You can also get unlimited calls or you can use video and picture messaging at any time for communication purposes using an internet connection. Wireless data add-ons plans are also available in this network. You can choose your recharge plan and make your payment using the MyRoggers application or Online. Rodgers application is developed by Rogers Communications. This network also provides digital networks and services such as Rogers Bank, Texture, Zoocasa, and OutRank by Rogers.

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Rogers APN Settings (4G) for four different devices:

  1. Rogers APN Settings for Android Phones.
  2. Rogers APN Settings for Blackberry.
  3. APN Settings for Rogerson Windows Phones.
  4. APN Settings for Rogerson iOS Device.

RogersAPN Settings (4G) for Android Phones:

Step 1:In your Android phone, open the Settings application.
Step 2: Tap the Connections option and tap the “Network and Internet” on your phone.
Step 3: Tap the “Access Point Name” option and create an APN setting.
Step 4:Enter the Rogers APN Setting exactly as we provided below

Rogers APN Settings 

Proxy: No Changes
Port: No Changes
Password: wap
Server: No Changes
MMSC:No Changes
MMS Proxy:No Changes
MMS Port:No Changes
MCC:No Changes
MNC:No Changes
Authentication Type:No Changes
APN Type:No Changes
APN Protocol:IPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming Protocol:IPv4

Step 5:Now, you can restart your device and you can use the new APN Settings.

APN Settings for Rogers(4G) on Blackberry:

Step 1: Open the Settings application on your Blackberry.
Step 2: Tap the network connections option and then the Mobile Network option 
Step 3: Tap the “APN” option at the bottom of your screen. 
Step 4: Fill in the Rogers APN details exactly as we mentioned below.

Rogers APN Settings BB
Password: wap

Step 5:Tap the save option and return to the home screen of your device.

APN Settings for Rogers(4G)on Windows Phone:

Step 1:Go to the App list and tap the settings application on your Windows Phone. 
Step 2:Tap the “Network & Wireless” option and tap the Cellular and SIM option on your Windows Phone.
Step 3:Choose the SIM CARD and select Properties in Cellular Section.
Step 4:Select the Add an Internet APN option below the Internet APN option. Fill in the RogersAPN information exactly we mentioned below.

Password: wap
Type of sign-in info: Not Required
IP Type: IPv4
Proxy Server: Not Required
Proxy Port: Not Required

Step 5:Finally, tap the save option and restart your windows phone to make RogersAPN Settings active.

APN Settings for Rogers(4G) on iOS devices:

Step 1:Openthe Settings application and tap the cellular data option. Turn on the Cellular Data on an iOS device.
Step 2:Tap the cellular data and then tap the cellular data network and enter the RogersAPN information on the screen of your device.

Step 3: Tap the “LTE Setup (optional)” section and fill the Rogers APN settings as we provided below. 

APN: Leave it
Username: Leave it
Password: Leave it

Step 4: Now, fill in the below information in the MMS Section.

Rogers MMS Settings
MMSC: No Changes
MMS Proxy:No Changes
MMS Max Message Size:1048576

Step 5: Tap the home button to save the Rogers APN settings and restart your device to enjoy the fastest internet connection.

Frequently asked questions for RogersAPN Settings:

1.How can you recharge and make payments for Rogers service?

  • Using the My Roggers application or online, you can select your recharge plan and make a payment with your credit card, Visa Debit card, or Debit Mastercard.

2.Is the 5G network available in Rogers service?

  • Yes, Rogers networks provide a 5G network. This 5G network is launched in Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto in January 2020.

3.Is Rogers APN settings necessary?

  • Yes, Rogers APN settings necessary to increase the data connection of your device.


In this article, we have mentioned how to access and modify Rogers APN Settings for four different devices. Now, you can get the full details about the Rogers APN Settings to increase the internet speed on your device. Now, you can experienceRogersfastest internet connection with APN Settings. If you have any queries regarding the Rogers APN Settings, please leave your queries in the comments section below.

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