ALDI Mobile APN Settings 4G (Android/BB/iPhone) 2023

ALDI Mobile APN Settings (4G) Complete details: Today, we will see about the ALDIMobile APN Settings in this article. If users face any issues with the data connection then users need to change their APN Setting to faster the data connection on their device.For ALDIMobile, APN is You have to change this APN to faster the ALDIMobile internet connection on your device.

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About ALDI Mobile:

ALDI Mobile is a telecommunications company. ALDIMobile network is also known as Aldi Talk, MEDIONmobile, and HoT Hofer Telekom. The headquarters of this company is held in Australia, Switzerland, Germany, and Netherlands. In Australia, this network was launched in March 2013. In Germany, this network was launched on 7th December 2005. In Switzerland and Belgium, this network was launched on2007. In the Netherlands, this network was launched July 2009. This network was launched in January 2015 in Austria. This network was launched in May11, 2017 in Slovenia.

ALDI Mobile network offers plenty of recharge plans for customers. Users can select their plan and recharge the ALDIMobile service online or using the ALDIMobile application. ALDI Mobile network offers mobile plans, data plans, family plans, and pay-as-you-go plans for users. Using the ALD IMobile app, users can check their account balance and data balance, users can also view their credit expiry date. Users can also recharge their plans usingALDIMobile application. Here we provided the information of ALDI Mobile APN Settings for 4 different devices.

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ALDI Mobile APN Settings (4G) available for different device:

  1. ALDIMobile APN Settings for Android Phones.
  2. ALDIMobile APN Settings for Blackberry.
  3. APN Settings for ALDIMobile on Windows Phones.
  4. APN Settings for ALDIMobile on iOS Device.

ALDIMobile APN Settings (4G) forAndroid Phones:

Step 1: In an Android phone, you have to open the Settings application.
Step 2:Press the Connections option and then tap the “Network and Internet” on your phone.
Step 3: Press the “APN” option and create a new APN setting on your android phone.
Step 4: Enter the following ALDIMobile APN Setting to increase the internet connection on your Android phone. 

ALDI Mobile APN Settings:

Proxy: Not Required
Port: Not Required
Username: Not Required
Password: Not Required
Server: Not Required
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port:80
Authentication Type: Not Required
APN Type:default,dun,supl,MMS
APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming: Protocol IPv4
Bearer: Unspecified

Step 5: Once you change the ALDIMobile APN Settings, you have to restart your android phone to apply the APN Settings.

APN Settings for ALDIMobile (4G) on Blackberry:

Step 1: Open the Settings application and then tap the network connections option on your Blackberry. 
Step 2: Choose the Mobile Network option and hit the “APN” option at the bottom of the screen. You have to fill in the ALDIMobileAPN information as we provided below.
Username:Leave it
Password:Leave it

Step 3: Open the text messages and tap the 3 dots on the screen page. Hit the settings and then choose the text messages option on your Blackberry. 
Step 4: Now, you have to choose the MMS option on your device and fill in the ALDIMobile MMS settings as we mentioned below.

ALDI MobileMMS Settings:
Proxy URL:

Step 5: Hit the save button to make the ALDIMobile APN Settings active and return to the home screen of your device.

APN Settings for ALDIMobile(4G)on Windows Phone:

Step 1:In your Windows device, go to App list and press the Settings application. Now, you can press the “Network & Wireless” option.
Step 2: You need to press the Cellular and SIM option on your Windows Phone.
Step 3: In Cellular Section, you need to choose your SIM CARD and select Properties on your Windows Phone. 
Step 4: Choose the Add an Internet APN option under the Internet APN option on your Windows device and fill in the ALDIMobileAPN details we mentioned below.

Username:Not Required
Password:Not Required
Type of sign-in info:Not Required
IP Type:IPv4
Proxy Server:Not Required
Proxy Port:Not Required

Step 5: In the data section, below the MMS APN Option, you have to select the Add an MMS APN Option. 
Step 6: Fill in the MMS APN details as we provided below.

ALDI Mobile MMS Settings

Username:Not Required
Password:Not Required
Type of sign-in info:Not Required
IP Type:IPv4
Proxy server:
Proxy port:80
MMSC port:8003
Maximum MMS size (KB):2048

Step 7: Finally, hit the save option and restart your Windows phone to make ALDIMobileAPN Settings active.

APN Settings for ALDIMobile(4G)on iOS devices:

Step 1: Go to the settings application and tap the cellular data option on your device. 
Step 2: Turn on the Cellular Data on your iOS device. Go to the cellular data and then tap the cellular data network on your device. 
Step 3: Enter the following ALDIMobileAPN information on the screen.
Username: Not Required
Password: Not Required

Step 4: Go to the “LTE Setup (optional)” section and fill in the ALDIMobile APN details we mentioned below. 

APN: Leave it empty
Username: Leave it empty
Password: Leave it empty

Step 5: Now, fill in the below information in the MMS Section on your device.  

ALDIMobile MMS Settings:
Username: Not Required
Password: Not Required
MMS Proxy
MMS Max Message Size:1048576

Step 6: Press the home button to save the ALDIMobile APN settings on your iOS device. 
Step 7: Now, you have to restart your device and enjoy the faster data connection on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions for ALDIMobile APN Settings:

1.How can I check myALDIMobile data balance?

  • You can check your data balance through ALDIMobile mobile application 
  • You can also check your balance by sending the word balance through SMS to 590.

2.How can you recharge your ALDIMobile Service?

  • You can recharge your ALDIMobile Service online using your credit card or PayPal.
  • You can also recharge your ALDIMobile Service quickly by ALDIMobile App on your device.

3.How can you improve your ALDIMobile internet service?

  • With the ALDIMobile APN Settings, users can improve the internet connection on their device. The APN of ALDIMobile Network is

Last Words:

In this article, we have provided ALDI Mobile APN Settings for different devices. Using ALDIMobileAPN Setting, you can enjoy and experience the faster data connection on your device. If you have any doubts about this ALDIMobile APN Setting then you feel free to ask your doubts in the comment section below. Thank you.

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