How To Enable Developer Options On Any Android Phone 2022

How to enable Developer Options on any Android Samsung/Redmi Phone: Most people are lazy about rooting their phone and installing a custom ROM, the easy way is you can try out some features and which are not on by default. all android phone comes with an option to enable Developer options, this is the chance to check and find out what the disabled features can do. We all know that enabling it is not default but the developers have set it up easy for us to enable.

The developers have provided a hidden set of developer options on Android devices that you can access if the user knows how to use them. If you want to enable the USB debugging option, unlock the bootloader so that you can root your Android phone easily, or you can change the animation-draw speed to give your phone a slicker feel which is creative, this helps us to operate these options and much more. you will be having a need to unlock the hidden options whatever it is first you have to unlock them. Then only you can operate them. The instructions given below will provide you a way how to operate the developer option.

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About Developer Options Android Phone: 

The main fact is the developer option on android phones is hidden. it is because they’re designed for use by developers who want to examine various functionalities of the phone and make some changes that may affect the phone’s performance. It will not be a smart option to go tinkering with the developer options without any specific purpose and come to an understanding of what each option is meant for. Now you got the warning which is very important to be noted.

Why do you want to enable Developer Options:

As you can read from the name, the Developer Options is a big set of tools that are hidden and the settings which are designed to assist an application developer in examining their products and tracking down errors that the application may cause. For example, the known option called Pointer location provides a facility of good reading of the user inputs given. This is great for a developer to be inserted that it needs to understand the touch location and the movement, the option is not needed for anyone's everyday use.

If you feel like doing a little research, there are really cool features in Developer Options that are interesting. Anyone can take a closer look into your CPU and RAM processes present, limit your background processes, force applications into the split-screen mode, you can access the advanced reboot options, you can simulate or hide the notches, speed up animation features, and much more. It is also considered to be an important process for those users who like the rooting options and installing the option custom ROMs.

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How To Find your Android Build number:

Before the process of enabling the Developer option on your Android phone or tablet of a suitable device, first, you need to find the device's Build number. On most of the devices, you can just find the built number by just searching the built number on the search bar, but these are the ways to find it in some of the popular devices:

  • Google Pixel: Go to Settings > then to System >then to About phone > select Build number
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 and later: Go to Settings > then to About phone > then to Software information > select Build number
  • LG G6 and later: Go to Settings > then to About phone > then to Software info > select Build number
  • HTC U11 and later: Go to Settings > then to About > then to Software information > then to More > select Build number
  • OnePlus 5T and later: Go to Settings > then to About phone > select Build number

How To Enable Developer Option On Andriod Phones :

When finally, you get your build number on your screen, then just tap on the number seven times. Yes, you read it right: seven times. 

  1. After a few taps on the build number, you will be able to see a small pop-up message alert telling you that "You are now X steps away from being a developer" which will be displayed with a countdown that decreases on each tap you do.
  1. After the seventh tap that you have been instructed, another message will appear in front of you telling you that "You are now a developer!" 
  2. And after this process, the Developer options will be unlocked as a free option in Settings as other options you use.
  3. Some of the phones will include a common and general message about research with your Android phone that has been conducted, but you can just ignore this by simply tap the OK option given. 
  4. While from the options many options are strictly only for developers, which are including things like USB debugging option and bootloader unlocking option, 
  5. other than this you will also find some things such as high-fi audio code options, notch options given, and CPU usage among the toggles option too. 

You can experiment only at your risk.

How To Turn off Developer Options: 

If you are facing problems or you are not interested in using the developer's option that you have unlocked before, the best way to take these options away from your device is to reset your phone using a Google account. 

  1. When you observe in most of the Android phones which are running the Nougat and later, you will be able to see an on/off toggle at the top end of the displayed screen,
  2. In which it will let you operate the option switch off  Developer options which is an easy task. 
  3. When you select that option, the screen will turn grey for some time, don’t even worry about this it will not let any of your data be lost. It will be normal after the developer's option is turned off. 

If you again think of getting the developers option on them, you can follow the above steps again. Thinking before taking the decisions will be the apt thing to do

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