What is OMACP Android Virus and How to Remove It (Vivo/Realme)

What is OMACP Android Virus and How to Remove It: Andy Rubin who is the founder of Android created this OS as the open-source alternative to iPhone and Palm OS. The titans of the industries such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, Vivo, Realme, and HTC all started launching phones running Android which causes them to achieve the milestone of one billion active users in the year 2014. Android is one kind of Operating System (OS) used in smartphones like Palm OS.

What is OMACP Android Virus
What is OMACP Android Virus 

In recent times we are witnessing for the menace malware attacks in Androids which have been detrimental to the mobile’s performance. Malware is nothing but the short form of the malicious software which is a file or code, typically delivered over a network which infects, steals, explores or conducts virtually any behavior an attacker wants. There are so many malware attacks are happening in day-to-day life. Some people are aware of it and some people are not. We are heard the name Omacp virus sporadically but with cautious manner. This article will encounter about the omacp virus and about its detection and removal of the virus from your android phones perpetually in a concise manner. In addition to this I am also going to explain the prevention measures to take to prevent this type of virus attacks. 

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About Omacp Virus:

As I said above we sporadically hear the name Omacp but not in often manner. In the light of the above statement it is clear that many Android users don’t have ample idea about what exactly Omacp virus is and about its functions. Omacp virus is nothing but a malware that can destroy or infect the functionality of your android phone. Omacp it’s a kind of virus which may pessimistically influence the functionality of your android device which may lead to lose your personal data, authentic data and so on and so forth. We have to be more cautious about this.

Incase if we knew that our phone was attacked by the omacp virus then we have to find the ways to sort it out as soon as possible if not you may lose your all the data which may ruins your life.  We have to fix this kind of problems as soon as possible but before that we have to know whether our android phones were attacked by the omacp or not. For that you have to read the following passage in a conscious manner.

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3 Easy Way Fix OMACP Android Virus On Smartphone:

  1. Detecting the Omacp virus
  2. Kick Out OMACP Android Virus from Android Device
  3. Prevention from the OMACP Virus

Detecting the Omacp virus:

It is quite difficult to find out whether you are android is dealing with a virus or not. In a nutshell it is arduous to find out whether you are android is dealing with omacp at threshold. Despite it is a difficult to find out this kind of attacks at threshold there are ways to detect this kind of menace attacks which causes detrimental to your android phone. You have to read this article further more to confirm whether your android device is being affected by OMACP or not.

Message application Use Omacp
Message application Use Omacp

As discussed above it is difficult to find out the omacp virus attacks in its initial phase. You can detect the influence of the omacp virus through the messaging application. Incase if you encounter that some of your mobile applications are performing in an unusual way or having doubt whether you are device is dealing with the virus or not you may clarify your doubts by checking your message application. Because that it is conventionally found that when an android device is affected by the messaging app in the device could consume lots of space from your mobile’s space. 

So, if you detect that your messaging application sucks a lot of space around 1 GB then it is clear that your android device is dealing with some android virus or it is understood that there is a malware attack.

application sucks a lot of space around 1 GB
 application sucks a lot of space around 1 GB

It is a primary way to check your android has attacked by the virus or not. As I said above the omacp virus affects the mobile device and also it affects other applications too. Now you can detect whether your android mobile phone is dealing with the omacp virus or not then what’s next? The next thing is what are the steps have to be taken in order safeguard your data.

Kick Out OMACP Android Virus from Android Device:

As you have detected the presence of the menace omacp virus as soon as possible now you need to kick it out as early as possible. Once you indentified the malicious attack first and foremost thing you have to do is transfer all the data from the affected device into a fresh new or duly device in order to safeguard all your data and details in a safe and secure manner. There are many ways to eliminating the omacp android malware from your device.

Kick Out OMACP Android Virus from Android Device
Kick Out OMACP Android Virus from Android Device

  • One of the effective methods is finding the infected applications on application manager. You can find the infected applications through the following way. 
  • Settings>Apps settings>click on Message application>Storage there you may see some abnormal storage space eaten by a virus. 
  • You just need to delete it. Now you have successfully deleted the omacp virus from your android device. 

Once you encountered that your device is dealing with the omacp virus or any other malware attacks then it is advised to shut down your devices perpetually until you cleaning those viruses. It is a one of the most recommended things by the software experts in order to preventing your data lose.

Prevention from the OMACP Virus:

Readers of this article are advised to keep the following things in your mind in order to prevent your android devices not only from omacp virus but from all the malware attacks because most of the malware attacks have been happened due to relentless usage of the android devices. 

  1. Should not downloading and installing the apps from the unknown sources.
  2. Updating your android devices according to the latest updates which have provided by the android itself.
  3. Before downloading or installing the application please read app permission cautiously.
  4. Avoid the usage of Public Wi-Fi while downloading the apps.


This article has dealt with a lot of problems faced by the android users because of the omacp virus and various malware attacks. This article enshrined what is the omacp virus and how to detect it and what are all the prevention steps have to be taken by the people in order to prevent their android devices from the malware attacks. I hope that from in light of this article the readers are aware of the omacp virus and also knows how to tackle the virus vigorously.   

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