How To Enable or Disable Night Shift Mode On iPhone 5C/6S/SE

Disable Or Enable Night Shift Mode On iPhone 5C: Nowadays each and every smartphone has a night shift mode which helps us to read and use the screen easily in the nighttime and in dark places. The main purpose of this night shift mode is to reduce the amount of blue light which emits from the mobile phone screen. This blue light may cause adverse effects to our eyes while using mobile phones. It doesn’t feel irritated while used in dark surroundings. Some devices have automatic settings like it just enabling the night shift mode when the sunsets and automatically disabling when the sun rises with the help of a clock. 

So, in this post let us see about Disable or Enable night shift mode on iPhone 5c. As a result of an evolution of technology, each and every digital device like mobile phones, computers, laptops have this sort of night shift mode to help us. 

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How To Enable Night Shift Mode On iPhone 5C:

Now let us see about various steps that enable us to on the night shift mode on iPhone 5c. let us see the methods step by step,

  • To begin with, just swipe down from the top right to access the control center of the iPhone.
  • You will see a brightness toggle present and just a long press on that.
  • The brightness toggle will open and now we can enable night shift mode easily.
  • The above steps are one of the methods and the other method is as follows,
  • Initially, open the “settings” option on your iPhone.
  • Choose the “Display and Brightness” option there.
  • Now tap the night shift option
  • After that, we can enable the night shift mode by tapping on the “manually enable until tomorrow” option. 
  • Sometimes if we need to set the timing or schedule for this night shift mode for our needed timings. This night shift, with the help of the clock and geolocation in the mobile, determines the time and changes according to that. 
  • Finally, we can either reduce or increase the blue light filter by adjusting it or can set it as automatic.
  • These are the methods to just enable your night shift mode on iPhones 5c.

How To Disable Night Shift Mode On iPhone 5C :

As above explained, the steps to disable this night shift mode is simple as enabling it.

  • At first, open the control panel by swiping down from the top.
  • You will find various toggles, in that just choose the brightness toggle.
  • Long press on the brightness toggle.
  • Finally, just disable the night shift button. 

By following the above methods, we can make this enable and disable night shift mode too simple.


In this post, we have seen the steps to both Enable and disable the Nightshift mode which has present in the iPhone 5c as a default. After following the above methods and still you find any difficulties with this enable and disabling night shift mode please mention your queries in this comment section. 

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