Vivo (Y15/Y12/Y11) USB Drivers For Windows (10/8/7) [32/64 Bit] Download

Vivo 1901/1904/1907 USB drivers are all about the software which was developed to act as a good carrier between PC and the Vivo android phones for transferring any kind of files between them. Vivo communication technology Co. Ltd, a Chinese technology company that both designs and develops smartphones, smartphone accessories, software, and online services too. Vivo has developed various versions of smartphones which are popularly being widely distributed among the population. In this post let us see about the Vivo USB driver and also more about its installation, usage, and also about its features. 

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What USB does Vivo Use?

People may think that even without this we can easily transfer files between this PC and Vivo android phones with the help of USB cables. In such cases, sometimes the connection will not be appropriate and while transferring some files may get missed. So, if you are willing to transfer any sort of files or photos between PC and Vivo smartphones else if you wish to develop your Vivo smartphones then the only thing that makes you have a very good experience is Vivo USB drivers. 

How To Download Vivo USB Driver For Windows(10/7/8)[32/64 Bit] Step By Step : 

Now let us go into the step-by-step process of installation of this Vivo USB driver (Y15/Y12/Y11),

  1. Initially, as a first step download the Vivo USB drivers from the browser (Vivo USB Driver official website )
  1. As a second step tap on the downloaded file and then just extract it with the help of 7zip or else you can also use Winzip too.
  2. Then click on the .exe installer file and then install the Vivo USB Driver.
  3. Now run the Vivo USB Driver. (Vivo USB driver support windows 10/7/8 & 32/64 bit) 
  4. As you begin it to run it will ask you to choose the appropriate language needed and then tap next.
  5. Once the installation process gets over then you can begin to use it.

If the above steps are followed then this Vivo USB Driver can be easily installed on your Windows without any interruptions. If needed you can also get the Vivo PC suite software installed on your system which completely helps you to handle all sorts of Android devices on your PC. 

Vivo USB Drivers Available Models New Update :

  • Vivo 1901 USB Driver
  • Vivo 1904 USB Driver
  • Vivo 1906 USB Driver
  • Vivo 1902 USB Driver
  • Vivo 1906 USB Driver
  • Vivo 1907 USB Driver
  • Vivo 1938 USB Driver
  • Vivo 1935 USB Driver
  • Vivo 1933 USB Driver
  • Vivo v20  USB Driver
  • Vivo v15 pro USB Driver
  • Vivo s1 pro USB Driver
  • Vivo 1820 USB Drive

Advanced Features of Vivo USB driver :

  1. This Vivo USB driver not only helps in transferring but also, they have various features like, 
  2. Vivo USB drivers package helps us in a firmware upgrade or downgrade or flashing your Vivo android OS. 
  3. And also, as a Vivo user if you want to use the official Vivo PC suite then having official Vivo ADB drivers is the only thing that can help you.
  4. Vivo USB Drivers is very much appropriate with all the different versions of Windows. 
  5. Finally, if you would like to develop your Vivo smartphones then these Vivo USB drivers can be your best choice to have it.  
  6. The above are the important features of this Vivo USB Drivers 


Vivo USB Drivers are much needed for the users who own Vivo Android phones and also help them to develop their mobile phones and also to handle the smartphones on their computer. In this post, we have seen about the Vivo USB drivers, their features, and their installation process too. For any queries regarding this please mention it below in the comment section. 

Question Answer Section:

How do I transfer photos from Vivo to the computer?
  • First Unlock Your Vivo Phone
  • Then Connect USB Charger Cable Connect Your Phone To Computer.
  • Then Allow USB Debugging Option.
  • After you can easy to transfer photos from a Vivo phone to a computer.
How do I backup my Vivo phone to my computer?
  • First Click Settings Butten. 
  • Then Select Settings>More settings>Backup & Reset>Backup data>Google server.
  • After Select drive or other driver option.
  • Then you can easy to upload it back.
How do I transfer contacts from Vivo to a laptop?
  • First Enter the contacts Settings 
  • Then Choose the contacts option
  • Tap Settings -> Contacts and select Import/Export contacts
  • Then Find Option Import and export to the storge
How can I connect my laptop to my Vivo phone?
  • First ON Your Mobile Data connection
  • Then Connect Your laptop to pc, using USB Debugging
  • Settings>Personal Hotspot> Other sharing modes>turn on.
  • Then you can easy to surf the internet on a laptop  

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