How To Install Odin For MAC OSX (Jdoin3 New File 2023)

Odin for Mac: Odin for MAC is also said to be the Jdoin3 for MAC. This Odin is one of the important tools for flashing Samsung firmware or we can also use this Odin for Mac to get back to stock ROM. So, if you had faced a very good experience with your Samsung mobile phone then definitely who would have been heard about this Odin. Initially this Odin was only used for the Windows OS but then later it was also developed for MAC OS too. This JOdin3 is widely used to flash ROMs, systems packages, root ZIP files, Custom recovery files or any modem files too in all sort of Samsung devices from the latest model to even old models of Samsung. But this software tool and its official tool but it is widely used among the Samsung users. In this post let us see more about this Odin for Mac.

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How To Install Odin for Mac :

The procedure to install Odin for Mac are as follows,

  • Before installing Odin initially, you need to install Java on macOS.
  • Then, it is important to install Heimdall which is one with .DMG extension as this only works on Mac Operating system.
  • One important note is that in case if you have Samsung smart Switch or KIES installed, it is always suggested to uninstall it because they may interrupt with JOdin
  • Now you can download the JOdin from your browser and extract the downloaded file.
  • Then open the file which you have extracted after downloading process.
  • Once you open JOdin begins to run in your system. 

How To Use This Odin For Mac Step By Step Guide :

  1. To begin with the installation of this Odin software please follow the above steps given.
  2. After downloading and installing this software, which is Odin for Mac 
  3. Now download the needed firmware in the .TAR format
  4. Then enable USB debugging on your respective device.
  5. By following that connect your device with Mac with the help of USB Cable
  6. Go into the JOdin and choose .JAR which would have been downloaded earlier.
  7. Now choose the PDA option and opt for the .TAR or .TAR.MD5 file which we have downloaded already to flash.
  8. After that keep your Samsung device in the download mode
  9. Then tap the start button to proceed further.
  10. Furthermore, you must have the PIT file of your device, choose yes and move on ahead.
  11. Now once again keep your device in the download mode so that JOdin will fetch your Phone’s PIT file
  12. After completing the above steps, you will see a pop up now just click OK.
  13. Once completed choose the start button and it will start the installation process.
  14. If everything happened in a right way you will be able to see PASS in the JOdin but if there any mistakes held then you will find FAILED.

By following the above steps, you can use this Odin for MAC

Features of Odin for Mac OSX :

Let us go through few features of Odin which you can experience it,

  • Odin helps to obtain PIT file automatically with a single device reboot.
  • Automatically USB drivers are installed on the Windows.
  • You can also find In-app instructions for each step for flashing
  • This Odin also supports .TAR, .TAR.MD5 files which helps to flash on the device.


In this post we have seen about the Odin for Mac, about its purpose, features, how to install it and also about how to use it in a step-by-step procedure. I hope this post might be useful and for any further queries please mention in the comment section below.


1.What is the main purpose of this Odin?

  • Odin, a tool which helps to connect the mobile device to the Apple devices.

2.How to run Odin Software?

  • Odin software can be run on android by installing its new version on PC.

3.Does Odin Software is safe enough to use?

  • Yes, Odin is safe enough to use in both the Windows and Mac PC. 

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