Restore Keyboard Setting In Android Mobile Phone [ How To Fix ]

Restore keyboard setting in android mobile phone: If you want to restore your android smartphone keyboard, in this post, we describe full details of the change in keyboard setting and restore keyboard setting in your android mobile phone. Most android mobile has default keyboard applications. Stock keyboard on android mobile phones is commonly used. Still, most Android mobile users want a new keyboard that means other third-party keyboard applications. Because of its new layout or something other, Android smartphone users want to replace their old keyboard and want a new attractive keyboard application.

Honestly, reversing a new keyboard cannot take more time, and you can do it within a few minutes. But sometimes, this third party keyboard is not attractive and worthwhile for any user.  That time again, that customer wants to replace their old keyboard application.

In this article, we explain replacing your keyboard with regular, which may be more helpful for you. Here we spell out how to change your android mobile phone's keyboard and restore your keyboard to normal on your android mobile phone.

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Procedure For Downloading A New Keyboard In Your Android Smartphone:

Do you want to change your keyboard settings in your android mobile phone from the default keyboard to another keyboard, then you follow the given guidelines. download the new keyboard directly from the google play store.

  • open Google Play Store ( Android Keyborad )
  • search what keyboard you want to use.
  • download these keyboard applications

How To Install New Keyboard In Your Android Smartphone:

  1. open settings and click the language and input option.
  2. after clicking the language and input option, select virtual keyboard or in current keyboard.
  3. then select the manage keyboard. here you see the new keyboard application you want to download in the google play store.
  4. also here you see already installed keyboard in disable form.
  5. now enable the new keyboard,
  6. you get a warning message about a new keyboard that will collect all text you type, finally click ok.
  7. now your new keyboard setting is installed successfully.

How To Restore Keyboard Settings On Your Android Smartphone Device:

after installing a new keyboard setting on your android smartphone? It happens that you hurt this keyboard setting, and definitely, you need to replace your old keyboard. this restore process is not challenging; it is a simple and easy process.

  1. open your android device setting
  2. scroll down to personal select language and input option
  3. Then swipe down press the keyboard and input option
  4. now the installed keyboard list is displayed on your intelligent headset device along with the activated keyboard setting.
  5. now disable the new keyboard and enable the default keyboard option.

How To Clear OR Reset Android Keyboard History:

the modern android mobile phone and phone's keyboard setting can store by which android customers can search something and text. Using this keyboard will automatically appear as a predictive text next time. These predictive words are displayed at the top of the keyboard, it may help to type fast and easy, but sometimes it might show a vital text or content like the password of your bank account, etc.

So you need to remove that keyboard history from your android device. here you follow the given steps one by one

  1. go to settings and select General management
  2. click language and input
  3. again tab the virtual keyboard
  4. now tab the reset setting it shows two options, click the first option to reset the keyboard setting option.
  5. then click the second option to clear personalized data, press clear. Now your keyboard history is cleared successfully.

Various Types Of Android Keyboard:

the most desirable android smartphone keyboard applications are given here,

  1. board (the google keyboard)
  2. swift keyboard 
  3. chroma keyboard
  4. flexy keyboard
  5. Grammarly keyboardand a simple keyboard.


most android mobile phone customers are used their default keyboard. If you want to use an extra special keyboard, this post explained it thoroughly. And this will help to install the new keyboard settings and restore your default keyboard settings in your android smartphone. So friends, use these various keyboards in your android handheld device and enjoy its features.

Frequently asked questions

where do I find keyboard settings on an android smartphone?

  • Keyboard settings are placed in the settings app, operated by tapping the language and input options.

Is board the same as google keyboard?

  • Yes, it is just a name change; the new version of the board provides more features .google is now reinventing the google keyboard on android smartphone devices with the same board moniker.

Is the board app free?

  • Yes, the official board application is a free app for all android mobile phones by Google.

which emoji keyboard is best for android?

  • Kika emoji keyboard
  • swiftkey
  • minimum keyboard
  • touchpad emoji keyboard.

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