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How To Check Balance In Orange SIM Card : The orange is one of France's most famous multinational telecommunication corporations. This orange s.a is now renamed s as orange. It has 266 million customers worldwide, and it is the 11th largest mobile network operator globally. And the 4th most extensive network in Europe. Orange telecommunication corporation launched their leading brand for mobile phone, landline, internet, and internet protocol television.

You are the orange sim network user; you came into the right place to know about your balance checking process of the orange sim card quickly. Here we described various five simple methods to know your whole balance information and they are,

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5 Methods To Check Orange Sim Card Balance: 

  1. Via USSD code.
  2. Using orange assay account.
  3. Through Mi orange app.
  4. Using orange official website.
  5. Through call notification.

Method 1:
Inspect Your Balance Details Of Orange Sim Card Using Ussd Code:

Checking your balance detail in the ussd code is straightforward and quickest. It does not need an internet connection. Only it required proper orange network tower range. So this method is suitable for regular feature mobile phones. And this method is a free cost and time-saving manner. You can use his way anywhere and any time. Just follow the below steps to do this,

  • Open your mobile phone.
  • Select the dialer application, type the ussd code *111# and press the call button.
  • The message will be sent to you containing all your balance detail and its validity date.

Method 2:
Check Orange Sim Card Balance Detail Via Orange Rasseny Account:

It is the main feature of orange network customers through which you receive a message about your complete balance information for the last 24 hours. By using the orange assay method, you can track your voice minutes, text messages, and data usage on day by day basis, and this method is free. To follow the below-given steps to do this,

  1. Open your mobile phone.
  2. Select your dialer application.
  3. Type The shortcode #13# or #100# and press the call button.
  4. Now immediately you get the pop-up message.
  5. Then you select the My balance option.
  6. After a second, You receive a text message containing whole information about your balance.

You can also call 400, follow the IVR machine instruction and select the balance inquiry, and you get the balance information of both postpaid and prepaid orange network users.

Method 3:

Check Your Orange Sim Card Balance Detail Through Mi Orange Application:

The orange network has an official mobile application that is mi orange app. It is an online method, requiring an internet connection to access this mi orange application. This method is applicable for both android mobile phone devices and apple iphone devices on the google play store and apple app store. You can download this application from my official orange website. To follow the below steps to do this,

  1. Open your android mobile or apple iphone device.
  2. Select the google play store for android smartphone users and select the apple app store for apple ios user.
  3. Download this Mi orange app.
  4. After downloading then install this application.
  5. Then register yourself on the application using your orange sim number.
  6. After your are log in, the dashboard will appear on your mobile phone screen.
  7. Tab on the My account option now you see your orange sim cards whole balance detail.

Methode 4:
Check Your Orange Sim Card Balance Detail On Orange Official Website /Portal:

This website is the orange official website, Those who don't want to download an application then follow this orange website to know your balance information. This is the better alternative method to examine your balance details of the orange follow the below-given instruction to do this,

  1. Open your mobile phone(android device or apple iphone device).
  2. Select the browser or google chrome.
  3. Type the orange official website in searching bar.
  4. Register this website using your orange sim number or email id and its password.
  5. If you are using this first time, then register yourself .
  6. After logging in, you go to the menu bar and click the My Account details.
  7. wait a few seconds now, your account balance information will appear on your mobile phone's screen.
  8. This method is simple to use. This method is more or else similar to mi orange application.

Method 5:
Check Your Orange Sim Card Balance Information In The Way Of Call Notification:

It is effortless and time-consuming checking your balance for an orange sim card. You don't need to do anything for this method, As soon as you disconnect your call, you automatically the pop-up notification displayed your orange sim card balance detail, and its expired date left after the call. This method is also offline, so it doesn't need an internet connection; it is a free-cost method. To examine your balance detail no need to pay, but you must pay for the call made by you.


We are at the end of this proposal; examining the balance detail in your orange sim card is straightforward, simple and convenient for the customer. And the most important thing is it is a free process. You are the orange network customer, and this posis fulfill your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I check my balance on orange Belgium?

  • Open your mobile phone.
  • Select the dialer application.
  • Type the ussd code #123#1# then press the call button.
  • Otherwise, open the dialer keypad, type the number 5123, and press the call button.
  • After that immediately you receive the text message about your balance.

How do I check my data balance on orange Poland?

  • You want to check your prepaid orange sim balance detail, then follow the below steps,
  • open your mobile phone
  • Choose the dialer application
  • Type the ussd code *154# and press the call button
  • Instead of using ussd code, you have to call the number *500
  •  Now, you receive the balance information of your orange sim card immediately.

How to check airtime balance on orange Botswana?

  • You try to use the same orange application or dial *121# to know the balance detail of your orange sim card.

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