How To Check Verizon Prepaid Sim Card Balance "#BAL (#225)"

How To Check Verizon Prepaid Sim Card Balance : The Verizon communication inc is commonly called as version. It is an American telecommunication industry and a Dow Jones industrial average corporate component. The head office of his Verizon telecom service company is in manhattan in new york city. Bell Atlantic Corporation was created as one of the original regional bell operating companies in 1984; during the breakup of the Bell System, this bell Atlantic changed its name into Verizon communication in June 2000.

This Verizon telecommunication company offers internet, traditional landline phone or voice minutes, home security, premium television, and web hosting; wholesale data operates in nine countries across the eastern united states. You are a Verizon sim card user. In various methods, you can learn about the Verizon prepaid sim card balance checking process. The plans are given below,

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4 Methods To Check Verizon Prepaid Sim Card Balance:

  1. Using USSD Code. 
  2. Through Customer care service.
  3. Through My Verizon website or portal.
  4. Via My Verizon mobile app.

Methode 1:
Check Your Verizon Prepaid Sim Cards Balance Information Using Ussd Code :

USSD code stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data; this ussd code is also called shortcode or star code. This is one of the easiest and quickest methods. Also, it is an offline method, so there is no need for an internet connection on your mobile device. But the proper Verizon tower network range is a must. Here we talk about the various USSD code by which users can do the different activities. We will give you the latest updated ussd code of Verizon that can be helpful to check your balance detail and much more. The following instructions to do this,

  • Open your mobile phone.
  • Select the dialer application

Type the number  #225 and press the call button. this ussd code is used to Check the balance detail of your Verizon sim card

  • #646 this ussd code is used to inspect your Verizon wireless voicemail.
  • #874 this code is for upgrading your party in the Verizon network.
  • #768 is used to make a payment on the Verizon network.
  • #832 this ussd code is used to place a test call.
  • #646 this USSD code is used to know the usage voice minutes of your Verizon sim card. 
  • To forward your call to Verizon network, Dial the ussd code that is *72+hour Verizon mobile number.
  • To unblock call id for one ring, Use the ussd code that is *2+ten digit mobile number.

Method 2:
Check Your Verizon Sim Card Balance Details Through Customer Care Service:

This is one of the easiest securable methods. You can use this method anywhere and without the internet. You can use this method in zero principal balance. But you can't contact your customer care representative at any time. You can use this method on all types of mobile phones. To do this, follow the below steps,

  • Open your mobile phone.
  • Select the dialer application.
  • And type the number 1-800-837-4966 and press the call button
  • The Verizon network customer care representative will contact you and clarify your balance details following the IVR machine instruction.
  • Otherwise, type the number *66 and press the call button.
  • You get the Balance information and its validity through IVR machine instruction.
  • This is also a time-consuming method.

Method 3:
Check Your Verizon Sim Balance Information Through My Verizon Website /Portal:

This Verizon website is an official website of the Verizon network. This is an online method, so you need an internet connection to your mobile phone to do this. This method is only applicable for android mobile phone users and apple iphone users. To do this, follow the instruction,

  1. Open your android mobile device or apple iphone device.
  2. Select the browser or google chrome.
  3. Type the official Verizon website in the search bar.
  4. And now click the enter button.
  5. Now the welcome page will open on the screen of your mobile phone.

log in to your account

After signing in to your account, you can get the dashboard that contains the complete mobile balance details like principal balance and its expired date, Data balance, data usage, validity date, voice minutes, voice remaining minutes, and much more.But using this official website, you can pay your due bill also. Here you can use multiple accounts.

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Method 4:
Examine Your Balance Detail Of Verizon Sim Card Using My Verizon Mobile Application:

This is another online method to find your complete balance information and validity. So it is the most convenient method for all Verizon network users. It required only an acceptable Verizon network tower range. To follow the below instruction to examine your balance information fastly,

  1. Open your android smartphone or apple iphone device
  2. Select the google play store for android mobile phone users and the apple app store for apple iphone users.

  1. Then type My Verizon app in the search bar.
  2. And download this app after downloading install this application
  3. Now open this my Verizon application
  4. Now you have to log in to this app with your Verizon mobile number or your email id and its password
  5. now you get the verification code via text message
  6. Then follow the on-screen steps to complete the registration

Now you get the dashboard on your mobile screen, which includes the whole balance along with its validity date.

Final Words:

Now that we have reached the end of this proposal, we explain the number of methods to get your balance information without difficulty. The mentioned methods are easy to use. And it is very convenient for all version customers. To use this above method does not need any extra or technical qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Verizon service app?

  • My Verizon service application is founded on a specific android device. It is used to monitor and improve our network and service you better.

Can I use a Verizon prepaid card to pay?

  • Yes, you can pay your Verizon mobile bill with a one-time payment from a Verizon gift card when you use autopay.

What is my Verizon account number?

  • It can be found on your mobile bill or online account by signing in online and going to account the account overview. This account number is listed on top of your Verizon app. It ends with 00001.

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