Kölbi APN Settings 4G/5G for Android (Costa Rica)

Kolbi Apn Setting: Kolbi is a government cell phone network company with the most extensive coverage. It is also most famous in Costa Rica, and it has almost 4. million subscribers and customers in costa Rica. When you get a new sim card in Costa Rica, it has two options: prepaid and postpaid.

Prepaid sim cards are easy to get. This Kolbi has the pay-as-you-go option, so once you utilize the balance, you cannot dial calls or use the internet until you recharge it with more money. Postpaid sim cards that give you a certain amount of data and minutes are billed monthly.

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What Is Kölbi Apn :

APN stands for Access Point Name. This APN is the name of a gateway between a GSM, GPRS,2G,3G and 4G, Long term evolution,volte and 5G mobile network and another computer network frequently the public internet. A mobile device making a data connection must be designed with an APN to present to the carrier. The carrier will inspect this identifier to find what type of network connection should be created. More significantly, the Access Point Identifies the packet data network that a mobile data user wants to communicate with.

In this post, we explain the Kolbi APN setting for android smartphones and apple iphone. These settings for kolbi will work for all network types such as 2G,3G,4G, Long term evolution, LTE and 5G. So you are the kolbi network user, read this post and enjoy high-speed internet using the kolbi network.

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Kolbi Apn Setting Process For Android Smartphone :

The basic Kolbi Access Point Name settings on android mobile phones are the same for all devices. You can design Access point name settings for all android intelligent handset devices: Samsung, Xiaomi MI, Realme, Nokia, Huawei Sony, HTC, LG, Vivo, Oppo, Oneplus, google pixel, etc.

Here we will describe automatic and manual Access Point name design for kolbi.To set APN on your android mobile device to follow the below steps,

  • Open your android smart handset device.
  • Select the settings option.
  • Click the mobile network option.
  • Then press the Access Point Name.
  • Then Add the access point.
  •  Finally, follow the following steps,

It would help if you made a new Access point name in your android mobile. Just fill the blank according to the following table,

Proxy: no definido
user name :  no definido
Port:no definido
Password : no definido
Server: no definido
MMSC:  no definido
MMS proxy : no definido
MMS port :  no definido
MCC: 470
Authentication type:No definido
APN type :Default
APN protocol:IPv4 and IPv6
APN roaming protocol : IPv4 and IPv6
APN enable and disable :  APN enable
Bearer : Unspecified
MVNO type: None
MVNO value:  N/A
Mobile virtual network operator: None
Mobile virtual network operator value: no definido

Kolbi Apn Setting For Apple Iphone Device And Ipad:

The basic kolbi Access point name setting on apple iphone or iPad are the similar for all iphone model,you can simply designed APN settings for all iphone models,such as iphone 4,iphone ,iphone 6,6+,6s,iphone 7,iphone 7s,iphone 8,iphone 9,iphone 10,iphone x 11,iphone 12,iPad mini,and iPad Pro devices.To set APN on your apple iphone device, follow the below steps,

  • Open your apple iphone device or iPad
  • Select the settings option
  • Press the Cellular option
  • Then click the cellular data network
  • Then tab on APN(Access Point Name)

Finally, fill in the blank according to the following table:

user name:blank

How To Check Balance Details Of Kolbi Sim:

You are the kolbi network user, then open your mobile phone and select the dialer application, dial the USSD code *888# Now you get the pop message immediately, select option 1 to check your Talktime balance and its expired date. Also can send SMS SALDO to the number 888.

Final Words:

Now we entered into the end of this proposal, here we explained full detail of the kolbi Access point setting on both android intelligent mobile phone and apple iphone or iPad. I hope this article helps all kolbi network users; you are the kolbi sim user who read this article and enjoys high-speed internet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I check my APN settings?

  • Open your mobile phone
  • Select the settings option
  • Now tap the connections
  • Then Click the mobile network
  • Then Tap the access point name
  • now you check the access point in your mobile phone

What happens if you use the wrong APN?

  • If you enable the faulty APN connection in your mobile phone, you cannot use the internet through the data network.

What happens if I reset my APN settings?

  • Once you choose reset to the default menu, your mobile phone will delete all the access point names from your mobile phone and add one or more default settings that it thinks are appropriate for the Sim card you have in your mobile phone.

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