Lebara Apn Setting 4G 2022 (Android/iPhone )

Lebara Apn Setting : Lebara is the telecommunication service provider in many countries worldwide using a mobile virtual network operator business model. This Lebara group gives a pay-you-go option and contract-based mobile cards.Lebara was founded in 2001 by ratheesan yoganathan,Rasaiah ranith Leon and baskaran kandiah.Lebara was coined from the starting two letters of each of the founder's names.

The company's initial product was international telephone calling cards sold through independent cell phone shops at launch. This Lebara mobile launched a low-cost international service in the Netherlands in 2004, selling sim cards using mobile carrier Telford a subsidiary of KPN.

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Introduction About Lebara Service Provider:

This Lebara company currently operates in the united kingdom, France, Denmark, the Netherland, and Germany. This tutorial explains how to set APN (APN-Access Point Name) settings in Lebara for the android intelligent handheld device iPhone.These settings for Lebara will work for all network types such as 2G,3G,4G, Long term evolution, Volte, and 5G. So follow the below steps to set the APN on your mobile device and enjoy high-speed internet using the Lebara service provider.

What Is Apn(Access Point Name)Setting For Lebara:

APN is used to access the internet through Lebara sim. You must configure APN setting on your mobile device. It is the name of a gateway between a GSM, GPRS,2G,3G,4G, LTE, Volte, G mobile network, and another computer network.

Lebara Sim Apn Settings For Android Smartphone Device:

The basic settings of Access Point Name are similar for all mobile phone devices. You can design APN settings for all android intelligent handset devices: Samsung, Xiaomi MI,realme, Nokia, Huawei, Sony, HTC, LG,vivo, Oppo, One plus, Google pixel, etc.

This post describes automatic and manual APN configuration for the Lebara sim network. To set or design replace manual APN access point name on your android device go on,

  • Open the android smartphone device
  • Select the network option
  • Tap on the Mobile network 
  • Then Tab on the Access Point Name
  •  Now Add the access point
  • Then follow the next instruction.
User name: not set
Password:not set
MMS proxy:not set
MMS port :not set
Authentication type :None
APN type:Wap internet+MMS or type
Then select and click the save option
Choose we have just created

Now, look at your signal bars. You should see 4g,3gH, E, or this means that the APN is directly connected.

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Lebara Sim Apn Setting(Access Point Name) For Apple Iphone And Ipad:

The basic step of the APN setting for Lebara sim on iPhone and iPad are the same for all iPhone device models.You can simply design Access Point Name settings for all phones such as iPhone 4,iphone ,iPhone 6,6+,iphone 7,7s,iPhone 8,iphone 9,iPhone 10,iphone x11,iPhone 12 and iPad mini,iPad Pro devices.

So Lebara users read this proposal and enjoy the Lebara high-speed internet setting for all iphone (ios)devices and iPad 2022. Follow the below steps to set the Lebara sim APN on your iPhone and iPad,

  • Open your apple iphone device or iPad
  • Select the settings option
  • Click the cellular option
  • Then hit the cellular data network
  • Tap the Access point name

Now fill the blanks according to the following table,


This is the most straightforward way to connect your apple iphone Lebara mobile APN.

How To Check Balance In Lebara Sim:

The Lebara customer should know how to check their balance; Lebara provides various methods to check their balance through SMS, USSD code, Calling option, Official Application, Official portal like that.

Final Words:

We have entered the end of this tutorial; Here, we thoroughly explain the APN setting in both android mobile devices and Apple iPhone devices and iPad. I hope this article surely helps all Lebara customers to develop their APN.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I activate the internet on Lebara?

  • Open your mobile phone
  • Select the settings option
  • Then hit the Wireless and network
  • Press the cellular and sim settings
  • Now Add the internet 

How do I reset my APN?

  • In the setting option, see the backup and reset option
  • Hit the reset network settings
  • If your Pin, password, or fingerprint has been enabled, enter it.
  • Tap Reset option again
  • Now, the confirmation pop message will display when it is complete
  • Now click Access point name or APN's and continue to step 2

How do I find my APN?

Go to your local county assessor's official website and search for your Address. Here you can find your APNlot of size, home type, property tax history.

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