Yoodo Apn Setting 4G For Android Mobile And Ios (2023)

Yoodo Apn Setting NewYoodo is a mobile virtual network operator mobile service in Malaysia. Celcom Axiata has launched yoodo, a new digital mobile brand in the country that enables customers to customize their mobile plans completely. Yoodo will be an independently operated digital movie service using the Celcom network. Yoodo is the very first Malaysian mobile plan according to their courage, also runs on its network 2G and 4G and long term evolution. 

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About Yoodo Apn Setting:

The Yoodo sim pack is free of charge and sold through the application for android mobile and apple iphone, and it can be delivered only to a Malaysian address.Yoodo offers free esim card activations, and this is a good way to get the internet working before stepping into Malaysia. Reloads can be made using the yoodo application, and international debit and credit cards are accepted and many Malaysian e-wallets.

In this proposal, we completely provide the step by step explanation of APN settings in your android smartphone and Apple iPhone device. By default, you will get the APN setting through the Short message service when you insert the sim card into your mobile phone. Although if this is not the case, You can always use the following method.

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What Are Apn Settings For Yoodo:

The full form of APN is Access point Name. To access the internet via yoodo sim card. You must configure APN setting on your android mobile or apple iphone. It is the gateway between a GSM, GPRS,2G,3G,4G, long-term evolution, Volte or 5G mobile network, and another computer network.

Yoodo Apn Settings For Android Mobile Phone:

The basic APN setting for the yoodo network service on android mobiles is the same for all devices. You can configure APN settings for all android smart devices. This post will provide automatic and manual APN configuration for yoodo.To set or replace manual APN (Access point name)on your android mobile, just follow the below steps,

  • Open your android smartphone and click the settings option.
  • Then Tap on the wireless and network option.
  • Now click on the mobile network.
  • Tap on the Access point Names.
  • Then Hit on + to add a new APN.
  • Finally, continue with the yoodo APN settings above.

Yoodo Apn Settings For Apple Iphone Device:

  • Open your ios device.
  • Tap on the setting option.
  • Click the cellular option.
  • Hit the cellular data option then click the cellular data network.
  • Now tap on the Access point Name.
  • Tap on + to add a new APN.
  • Continue with the yoodo APN settings above.

Fill the blanks in the new access point name according to the following table (APN field). Just fill the bold items only and keep the rest of the fields unchanged,

Proxy:Not set
Port :Not set
User name: Not set
Password :Not set
Server :Not set
MMSC :Not set
MMS proxy :Not set
MCC : 470
Authentication type :None
APN type :Default
APN protocol :IPv4/IPv6
APN roaming protocol :IPv4/IPv6
APN enable/Disable: APN enable
VM type:none
MVNO value : N/A
Mobile virtual : none
network :operator type

Final Words:

Now we entered into the end of this proposal, here we explained step-by-step instructions about APN settings in your android mobile phone and Apple iPhone device. I hope this post surely helps all android smart handset users and apple iphone users. You are the yoodo network user the read this post and set your APN without any difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I fix my APN setting?

  • Open the setting option in your mobile phone, click the mobile network, tap on the Access point name, click the menu button>>new APN, tap the name field, and finally press the ok button.

What is the APN of my SIM?

  • This APN (Access point name)is the lower level setting, better known as the APN. The APN is something most users won't need to think too much about it.YOu insert the Sim card into your mobile phone(android mobile or IOS), maybe restart it, and it connects to your carrier's network.

Does the Access point name affect internet speed?

  • The APN(Access point name) explains how to connect to the internet to the mobile phone. If it is the right, it will connect; if it is not, it won't. It won't connect slower if it's wrong, and it just won't click.

What is a private APN?

  • A private APN is a point of entry onto an Ip network for mobile phone devices. This personal Access point name enables you and your staff to connect to the corporate network and securely.

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