How To Empty Trash on Android Phone - 4 New Method 2023

How to Empty Trash on Android: Android phones are the most convenient smartphones to be used. It is preferred because of its functionality and capability. We can easily forward our functions in an Android phone to get a good experience. When you open your android phone, you may see the memory as complete. This is because of the unwanted files that you save on your phone. 

We need to remove these files to get space for our new files. The disadvantage of storing unwanted files is that your area will be wasted, the device will be slow and take a lot of time to load. We delete the unwanted files that we don't want as a solution. But this won't work at all. Even though you delete the unwanted files, you still need to do something else to regain the storage capacity. So here, let us see some methods to empty Trash on Android.

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Is there a recycle bin on Android:

Specifically, the android developers have not included the recycle bin in Android. But is there is PC? They have not included it because the space an android mobile holds is shallow. The data collected on the phone will also be below. So the android phones suggest all the users keep essential data in the smartphone and transfer some if needed to storage units for further processing.

How to Empty Trash on Android – 4 ways:

There are many easy and convenient ways to empty Trash on Android. We have selected some important and easy ways to empty Trash on Android from all of that, and it is an easy step to be followed.

The four ways to empty trash bin on Android:

  • Cleaning your cached data.
  • Deleting downloaded files.
  • Uninstalling unused apps.
  • Store all your files on a Micro SD.

Cleaning your cached data:

Cached data is stored in your device to make the device function more smoothly and efficiently. This data takes some of the space you can use to hold many other things to your device. So if you delete this content, you can easily activate the area you need.


  • First of all, go to the settings 
  • Then select the app that you need to check.
  • Then you should click on the clear cache button.
  • Now the cache will be deleted, and you will get a lot of space.
  • Repeat the process whenever you need

Deleting downloaded files:

When it comes to downloads, we download many things on the device. The downloading process is easy considering the speed of the internet. But you forget about the downloads that you have made on the machine. There will be a lot of data storage that you are not using. Delete the unwanted data that you have on your device. This will help us save space both in the machine and the internet storage.

Uninstalling unused apps:

In a smartphone, we use a lot of applications. It is straightforward to download then from the play store. But some of these applications take colossal space. In these apps, some of the apps will be not used. So try to keep the number of apps downloaded if you want free space. There are many lite versions of most of the apps, and this will help you use all the apps using less storage capacity.

Steps :

  • First of all, find out the apps you need and want to be uninstalled.
  • You can select them according to the space also. Some of the apps can be replaced by lite versions too.
  • Then give each app a long press. After the long press, the uninstall option will appear.
  • Click on the uninstall option and then uninstall the app.
  • You can use this option repeatedly too.


Store all your files on a Micro SD:

Getting a micro SD card is a good idea. Even if you have memory in your device, keeping a micro SD card as an option is helpful. If you have a micro SD card, keep it on the SD card slot in your device. If the memory is full, transfer the internal memory to SD card memory. This can be done by cutting and pasting the data to the SD card area. You can manage the storage from the beginning, and you can directly save it to an SD card when you download content.


These are the steps to empty the Trash on Android. Android phones are really user-friendly, so if you want, you can easily manage the storage unit of the device. Follow the above steps without any fail. You can do any steps given above. The content provided above is correct to our knowledge. I hope the above content helps you as you expect it to.


What are the problems an intelligent phone faces when the memory is full?

  • The device faces many problems like not saving any more data, loss of data, the slow functioning of the device, etc., so it is recommended to keep the machine clean of all the Trash in the device.

Dose lite versions of apps take space?

  • Lite versions of all the apps are created to make the users use the app but use less space in the device. The app's functionality will be good, but it will lack some features of the used version of the app.

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