How To Scan Discord QR Codes New (2023)

How to scan Discord QR codes : Discord is well known as VoIP, and it is a messaging and sharing platform. In this application, the users communicate by using voice mails, messages, video calls, sending files, and other Media.

Download the Discord mobile app :

If you have not downloaded the app to date, you can easily download the app from the play store or IOS store. Just open the play store, search the name discord app then click the install button. The app is tiny so that the app can be easily downloaded, and the app will not consume a lot of space on your device.

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Log in to the Discord app using the desktop client: 

For this process, keep your computer ready. Open the desktop client option and open the discord app on the PC, or you can visit the discord app directly by spreading it on its website. Both the ways can be used easily. After that, open the QR code section in the app.

Now login using the QR code of the Discord app:

Now you can scan the QR code displayed on the computer screen. For that, in your phone on the discord app, go to the user settings option. 

  1. Then you should select the option to scan the QR code
  2. Now the app will ask you to grant permission to scan the QR code. 
  3. Grand the permission now you can use the camera to scan the QR code displayed on the screen
  4. It is essential to keep in mind that the QR code you see is only available for the next 2 minutes.
  5. So you have to be very quick in scanning the QR code.
  6. Keep the scanner ready, and then ask for the QR code. 
  7. This is how the QR code for the discord app is scanned. 
  8. It is an easy method. You can open the QR code on your desktop or laptop.

It is up to your choice. Discord app is a well-known a frequently used app now a day’s that’s why this QR code method is implemented to make the users more interested in using the app.

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Features of Discord:

  • The main feature of this application is that you can communicate with anyone worldwide within seconds.
  • For the communication process, many people use different modes.
  • The app has provided us with a fantastic keypad when it comes to text messages. In that, many stickers are also included to be used. There they provide us with an autocorrect method also. 
  • The other mode of communication is through video calls. The quality of the video that they provide is exemplary.
  • We can make group video calls also in this app.
  • The other way is voice mail. Instead f text messages, most people use voice messages nowadays. It saves a lot of time.
  • All the messages which you do in this application are safe and secured.
  • You can share pictures, videos, files, documents, etc. 
  • Adding an app lock to this application is highly recommended if these contents are essential.

There is an easy way to log in to the discord app. If you are a regular user of the discord app, this will be a lifesaver option. You can log in to the discord app using a QR code, which is considered the easiest method. So let us see how to scan discord QR codes.


  • It is straightforward to scan a QR code. 
  • You should have a smartphone that supports the discord app for processing. 
  • You should install the app on your smartphone. 
  • It would also help keep your PC with a good internet connection. Sometimes getting the QR code will take some time, and it is due to lack of proper internet facilities.


Discord app is a beautiful app that can be used to communicate with people worldwide. It is straightforward to handle the processing of this application. QR code method is an easy way to log in to your account quickly. This app is maintained at a particular security level because it is issued for many communication purposes. So those mentioned above are how you can scan a QR code for the discord app. I hope the above content helped you in the way you have expected.


Why can’t we log in to the Discord app normally?

  • You can log in to discord as usual by entering the user id and password. But it will be complicated for all the users to enter the app using the user id and password. So a new method is introduced. You can get into the app just by scanning the QR code.

Is this a QR-safe and secure way to log in?

  • It is safe and secure and an easy way to log in. The QR code will change each time, and the QR code displayed will be only active for 2 minutes.

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