What Cell Towers Does Qlink Wireless Use (2023)

What Cell Towers Does Qlink Wireless Use : Are you a Qlink Wireless user? Did you know what cell towers does Qlink wireless uses? How does it give free services to the customers? We will see all information in detail below. Qlink Wireless is one of America's famous Mobile Virtual network operators, which provides free telecommunications services like free Talktime with free monthly data and complimentary text messages to low-income Americans through the Lifeline program. The company also offers prepaid wireless cell phone services for a lifeline and non-lifeline subscribers. Also, Qlink wireless  has a contract with T-Mobile to use its network services

It serves network covers more than 97% of the U.S. Territory and residents. Now, you doubt what cell towers does Qlink Wireless uses? Is Qlink wireless network reliable? What devices are compatible with Qlink? What are Qlink coverage areas in the U.S.? For all your doubts, we will see the answers in detail below.

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What Cell Towers does Qlink wireless use:

Unfortunately, Qlink Wireless does not have separate network towers to provide network coverage. They signed an agreement with other network providers to deliver signals. Sprint's towers gave network coverage to Qlink Wireless Company in past years, and Sprint Tower used CDMA Technology. So, Lifeline program subscribers enjoy the free services of Qlink wireless through Sprint's Tower. Recently, Qlink merged with T-Mobile in 2020, and it uses GSM Technology

Hereafter, Qlink customers can use both CDMA and GSM-compatible mobile devices. Some mobile devices work in GSM/CDMA technology, but some work only in LTE technology. So, choose the Qlink compatible phone to enjoy the features. 

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Is Qlink wireless network reliable:

You may ask, is Qlink wireless network reliable? Let me explain to you. We mostly prefer the top and most famous networks for mobile phone use. Verizon, AT & T and T-mobile are known as the Top three & most reliable telecommunication networks in the U.S. Remember that Qlink wireless uses T-Mobile towers services for the customers. 

So, this is enough to say Qlink wireless network is reliable. In the U.S., T-Mobile has 62% 4G coverage that reaches 99% of the U.S. population. Even though Qlink gets network coverage from T-Mobile, it reached 97% of the U.S. population, including rural areas.

What devices are compatible with Qlink:

If you want to access all free services of Qlink Wireless, then you need Qlink compatible devices only. Otherwise, you can use the "Bring my own phone" option to use the older phone without buying a new phone. Here, I listed the compatible smartphone devices for Qlink.

Samsung Galaxy S8 (GSM,CDMA,LTE).
Motorola Moto Z4 (GSM,CDMA,LTE).
Apple iPhone 6s (GSM,LTE,CDMA,EVDO).
LG Stylo 5 (GSM,CDMA,LTE).
Samsung Galaxy S9 (GSM,CDMA,LTE).
HTC Desire 626 (GSM,LTE,HSPA).
LG Tribute Empire (GSM,LTE,HSPA,CDMA).
Samsung Galaxy A50 (GSM,CDMA,LTE).
Alcatel One Touch Elevate (GSM,CDMA,LTE).

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What are Qlink coverage areas in the U.S:

Qlink uses a T-Mobile network tower, so it has extensive coverage that serves nearly 97% of the U.S. Approximately 280 million people benefit from Qlink wireless free services. The U.S. states which get good scopes include Georgia, Hawaii, Virginia, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, Missouri, Idaho, South Carolina, Maryland, Nevada, Kentucky, Indiana, Maine, Rhode Island etc. The network coverage also gets weak due to location, building structure, signal strength, weather, rain and other factors. 

Advantage and disadvantages of Qlink's cellular network:

Qlink wireless offers free cell phone services with unlimited voice calls, unlimited text, unlimited data and a reliable network.

  • They provide High-quality cell phones which are compatible with Qlink wireless for free.
  • For Lifeline customers, Qlink offers free monthly plans.
  • It provides national coverage so a customer can make international calls for free.
  • Simple Enrolment process.
  • Customers can also get reliable customer care service.
  • Cons of Qlink wireless network.
  • Unfortunately, the Qlink services are not available in all states.


No service providers can provide free telecommunication services and a reliable cellular network. But Qlink wireless offers reliable and free cell phone services for low-income citizens in U.S. and lifeline program citizens. Now, you may be clear about what cell towers Qlink Wireless uses? Is Qlink wireless network reliable? What devices are compatible with Qlink? I hope the above information is beneficial for you to enroll Qlink wireless service. If you have any more queries regarding Qlink wireless, please ask us. Thank you!


1. Who owns Q Link wireless?

Ans: Issa Asad is the founder and CEO of Qlink wireless. The company provides cell phone services with free voice calls and unlimited text and data services for low-income individuals.

2. Is Qlink Wireless providing 5G?

Ans: Yes, Qlink wireless proudly provides both 4G LTE/5G networks. But you may get the signal to depend upon your location where you are.

3. Is Qlink wireless data unlimited?

Ans: Yes, the data is unlimited for the eligible person for the Lifeline program. You may also get free voice calls complete text with no contracts. 

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