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How to Activate qlink SIM Card: Are you a new customer of QLink wireless? Do you want to activate your QLink SIM card and enjoy the free services? Then this article will help you to get that. Q Link provides free wireless services like unlimited data, Text, Voice calls etc., to Lifeline eligible American customers. Here, we will see how to activate the QLink SIM card with simple steps. Before that, we will see what QLink Wireless is and what services are available for free? What is Lifeline?

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What is Q Link Wireless and Lifeline:

Q Link Wireless is an American-based telecommunication company that was founded in the year 2011. It provides free wireless services to Lifeline eligible American customers, including wireless voice, text and mobile data. Q Link’s Lifeline service provides free wireless service to low-income eligible individuals in every state, and it is funded through the Universal service fund. How are you eligible to get Lifeline service? You are eligible for Lifeline service if you already attend any government benefit programs like SNAP, Medicaid etc.

Methods to Activate QLink SIM Card:

You can activate the Q Link SIM card using two different methods. They are,

  • Activate QLink SIM card manually with simple steps
  • Activate the QLink SIM card using Q Link app
  • Activate QLink SIM card using Customer care support

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Method 1: How to Activate Q Link SIM card manually:

You can manually set up or activate your QLink SIM card. Before that, you need to buy Smartphone or Tablet and Q Link SIM card to proceed. Q Link wireless offer Tablet for Lifeline eligible customers. Follow the below steps to activate the QLink SIM card quickly.

1. Insert Q Link Card on Smartphone:

First, you need to insert a QLink SIM card on your smart device. You may use Smartphone or Tablet. If you put it properly, you will get the network signal immediately. Depending on your place, you may get both 4G and 5G network coverage. If you get the signal, then you can able to enjoy all free services which are provided by Q Link services. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, and then you will move to the second step.

2. Reset the network:

Still, you didn’t get a network signal or start getting messages like “Not registered on the network.” Just try the below steps to fix this issue

  • Enable flight mode/Airplane mode
  • Restart your smartphone or Tablet
  • Update your Access Point Name (APN)
  • Reset all network settings

If you get the signal, you will be able to enjoy the free wireless services of Q Link.

3. Change APN settings manually:

Still, QLink SIM activated, you can’t use mobile data or send text messages in some cases. At that time, you have to change your APN Settings, and this option is only applicable for Android users.

  • APN: Q Link
  • MMSC:
  • MNC: 240
  • MCC: 310
  • APN type: default, supl, MMS
  • APN Protocol: Select IPv4/IPv6

Method 2: Activate Q Link SIM card using Q Link app:

Still, your QLink SIM card is not activated and then downloads the QLink application on your smartphone. Go to Playstore, download and install the QLink app, and Login using your new QLink mobile number. After that, you will get your network.

Method 3: Activate Q Link SIM card using Customer care

Still, you will face problems while activating the QLink SIM card. Finally, you will contact QLink customer care support. Just dial 1-888-505-7678 or 1-855-754-6543 and ask them to activate your Q Link SIM card. Otherwise, visit the Contact us page on the Q Link wireless official website, fill out all your personal information and the problem you faced, and submit the form. Soon, you will get a response from the Q Link side.


You can easily activate your QLink SIM card using the above steps. I hope the above methods are really helpful for people facing issues while activating the QLink SIM card. If you have any queries regarding how to activate SIM cards or need any solutions to fix network errors, feel free to ask us in the comment section. Thank you!  

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