MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans Updated 2022 (T-Mobile)

MetroPCS cell phone plans: Do you want to know the best cell phone plans of Metro by T-Mobile (MetroPCS)? Today, we are in a 5G technology world, and many 5G cell phone plans are available on Metro T-Mobile Network. So, you may get little confusion about which plan is best and which one is best suited for my cell phone, Right? Here, we will see the top and best MetroPCS cell phone plans with price & features in detail.

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MetroPCS (Metro by T-Mobile):

Metro by T-mobile is the best American Prepaid Wireless service provider company, and it was formerly known as MetroPCS. MetroPCS was founded in the year 1994 in the USA. In previous days, MetroPCS is one of the fifth largest mobile telecommunication networks in America. In 2013, the MetroPCS network was owned by T-Mobile network in the USA

Later, in 2018, T-Mobile modified MetroPCS and launched the brand as Metro by T-Mobile. After that, T-Mobile announced new mobile plan offers with 5G Data, Amazon Prime subscription offer, Google one storage features etc. Now, Metro has 75 Million subscribers in the USA.

Best MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans And Details :

  1. MetroPCS $30 5GB Plan.
  2. MetroPCS $40 Unlimited Plan.
  3. MetroPCS $50 Unlimited Plan.
  4. MetroPCS $60 Unlimited Plan.

1. MetroPCS $30 5GB Plan:

This MetroPCS plan offers T-Mobile 5G network in selected areas. You can enjoy unlimited international call & text messages and 5GB of data for $30/month. If you used all 5GB of data before the end of the period, your data access is suspended until your next recharge.

2. MetroPCS $40 Unlimited Plan:

MetroPCS offers an unlimited plan for just $40/month. This offer is limited and only for new Metro customers. If you are new to Metro, you can enjoy unlimited international calls and texts and unlimited data at 5G speed. If you use more than 35 GB of data in one month, your network speed will be reduced. This plan is an amazing one for new customers.

3. MetroPCS $50 Unlimited Plan:

Metro T-Mobile offers a $50 Unlimited plan for MetroPCS users. You can enjoy the features like unlimited international calls and text messages with unlimited data for $50/per month. By getting this plan, you will receive Google One storage for free. After the usage of 35 GB, Metro will reduce your internet speed.

4. MetroPCS $60 Unlimited Plan:

MetroPCS offer this unlimited plan in the price range of $60/month. By getting this plan, you will enjoy unlimited international calls and text messages with unlimited data with 5G network speeds. Also, you will get Google One and Amazon Prime Subscription and a 15GB LTE Mobile hotspot feature. Suppose you finished nearly 35GB in a month, then your data speed will be reduced. You can get nearly 4 lines by paying $100 for each line.

How much is it for 2 Lines in MetroPCS:

Now, you can get 2 lines in MetroPCS with unlimited data access. If you need 2 lines in MetroPCS, then you can choose the $70/month plan. It will offer 10GB of Data with unlimited international calls & text messages. Otherwise, you can choose an $80/month plan. So, it will offer unlimited 5GB of data with unlimited call & text messages. You can choose any one plan which is best suited for you.


MetroPCS cell phone plans are both cheap and expensive, and you can choose the best plans which are best suited for you. I hope the above information is really useful for you to know more about MetroPCS cell phone plans. Hurry up, choose the best one, and enjoy the unlimited data of Metro T-Mobile now!


1. How much is the MetroPCS Unlimited plan?

Ans: MetroPCS unlimited plan is $50 per month with taxes and fees. 

2. Does Metro have a $15 plan?

Ans: Yes, the $15 plan is available in Metro, half the price of the current $30 plan. If you activate this plan, you will enjoy this offer for 60 days.

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