What Is The Best 2 Line Cordless Phone System

2-Line Cordless Phone System: Smartphone is the basic need for all today. Even children have a smartphone, Right? But still, traditional Cordless Phones are in use. You remember that in previous days, how we used cordless phones in our family. 

It is very cheap and the best telecommunication system to talk with our family & friends in previous days. Still, some people browse for the 2-Line cordless phone system for both Office & Family needs. Here, we listed the Top & 4 Best 2 Line-Cordless Phone Systems at affordable prices.

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What is 2 Line Cordless Phone:

The 2-Line Cordless Phone means two separate numbers in one phone. Business people mostly prefer 2-Line Cordless phones one line for home and the other for business contact. Also, you can set different ringtones for each line, subscribe to different services, and get phone numbers with different area codes. But before buying, you have to choose the best 2-Line Cordless phone to avoid crosstalk and other issues. Let’s see the 5 Best 2-line cordless phone systems below in detail.

4 Best 2 Line Cordless Phone System:

A Cordless Phone is an amazing tool to have in our home because it is the best thing to contact 

1. Panasonic 2 Line Cordless Phone:

Panasonic KX-TGA950 Dect 6.0 Plus 2-Line Cordless Phone comes with 12.5 * 10.3 * 3.1 inches dimensions, 3-Way Conferencing call capability, Battery Powered Power source, 12 hours of talk time, 2-Line with 2 Handsets, Eco-friendly, Check messages, calls and do more with function keys, Block up to 250 numbers with one touch. You can get this 2-Line Cordless Phone system in the price range of Rs. 7000.

2. AT&T – TL86103 2-Line Cordless Phone:

AT&T is the best telecommunication network. It provides TL86103 2-Line Cordless phone in silver & black colour. If you are a business person, you can go with an AT&T 2-Line cordless phone. It features two lines expandable corded/cordless phone with Bluetooth option, 1 Handset with two lines cordless system, call manager that merges your Microsoft, Skype and landline service too. You may also experience weird sounds when 2 lines are used simultaneously. You can get this 2-line cordless phone for Rs. 12,000.

3. Uniden AT4401 Cordless Phone:

Uniden AT4401 Cordless phone comes with a smart call blocker and a 2-line cordless system. It comes with the feature 10 number speed dial; you can add 1000 names and numbers in the call directory, expandable up to 12 devices with one jack, and has a Mailbox option for each & every line. You can record the cal for up to 20 minutes; press any key to answer the call, 2 cordless lines with 2 handsets, call waiting option etc. It is the best option for business people. You can get this Uniden phone for the price range of Rs. 10,750

4. VTech DS6151 Cordless Phone:

VTech DS6151 Cordless phone offers 2 Line Dect with six expandable cordless phone systems. It comes with the features like a digital answering machine, a mailbox for each line, an expandable option of up to 12 handsets with only one jack, 13 minutes of call recording option, 50 Calls stored in Caller ID, add up to 50 names in the phone directory, transfer calls between handsets, Conference call facilities, digital security etc. You can get this VTech model for the price range of Rs. 6,630.


You can choose any of the 2 Line mentioned above Cordless phone systems for your business purpose. Before that, go through the features & price of the Cordless phone well. Hurry up, choose the best cordless phone for your home or office, and enjoy the features.


1. Which is the best cordless phone to buy?

  • Ans: Lots of Cordless phones are available in the market. Panasonic is the first & best one for business purposes. Next, you can choose VTech cordless phone.

2. What is the lifespan of a Cordless phone?

  • Ans: The lifespan of a cordless phone depends upon how you use that phone. The lifespan of Cordless phone batteries is between 1 & 3 years.

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