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Virgin Mobile Phone Plans Canada:  Are you looking for the best Virgin mobile phone plans in Canada? This post will help you find the best plans for Virgin plus 2022 with full details. Virgin Plus offers the best mobile phone plans for Canadian people budget-friendly. Most cell phone company doesn't give more than 5GB of data. But Virgin plus gives nearly 15 GB of 4G data with unlimited voice calls and text messages. There are different types of plans available for you to purchase. If you want to know more about virgin mobile phone plans, then read the post up to the end.

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About Virgin plus:

Virgin Plus is a great prepaid and Post-paid service provider for Canadian Customers. It offers wireless voice, text and data services throughout Canada. The Virgin Plus company was founded in the year 2005. It provides other services like Wireless Plans, Broadband internet service, Smartphone's etc. Virgin Plus provides 38 best cell phone plans for customers, and the average cost per month will be $40 only. And the cheapest plan offered by Virgin plus is $15 per month. The users can choose both prepaid and post-paid options. Let's see the best virgin mobile phone plans in Canada in detail.

Virgin Plus Mobile Phone Plans Canada Details:

  • Prepaid plan ($75) per month.
  • Prepaid plan ($58) per month.
  • Prepaid plan ($46) per month.
  • Basic 6 GB Starter plan ($45) per month.
  • Post-paid Plan ($55).

Virgin plus Mobile – Prepaid plan ($75) per month:

Virgin plus Prepaid Plan $75/month offers unlimited messages, voice calls and 10 GB 4G data for one month. If you buy this plan using the Auto Payment option, you will get 500 MB of Bonus Data. Also, this $75 Virgin Plus plan is available for 1 Month period only.

Virgin plus Mobile – Prepaid plan ($58) per month:

Using Virgin Mobile Prepaid Plan ($58/month), you will enjoy unlimited messages/voice calls and 20 GB of 4G data for one month. By recharging this Virgin plan, you will receive 1 GB of Bonus Data for 5 Months. Virgin Mobile phone prepaid plan ($56) offers the same features as this plan. These two plans are cheap and best for all users.

Virgin plus Mobile – Prepaid plan ($46) per month:

This Virgin Mobile Phone Plan offers unlimited voice calls/messages for one-month validity with 12 GB 4G Data. If you buy this plan, you will receive 1 GB of Bonus data for five months. 

Virgin plus Mobile – Basic 6 GB Starter plan ($45) per month:

This is a basic 6 GB starter plan offered by Virgin plus a mobile prepaid plan. Using this plan, you will get 6 GB 4G data, unlimited international texting, and unlimited calling options. This is a starter plan only, so it is not ideal for the people who are watching videos continuously.

Virgin plus Mobile – Post-paid Plan ($55):

This is the best Virgin plus post-paid plan. It offers 15 GB of high-speed data, unlimited messages and unlimited international voice call for the customers. It is an annual plan, so you no need to pay monthly. If you want an annual plan for your Virgin Plus mobile, you can go with it.


Finally, you will get more information about Virgin's mobile phone plans in Canada. There are different types of prepaid and post-paid plans available for the users. So, you can choose any Virgin plans that best suit you. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any queries regarding Virgin plus or Virgin plus mobile plans. Thank you!


1. Which Mobile Network is best in Canada?

Ans: Telus is the best mobile network in Canada because of its widespread mobile coverage. After that, Bell and Rogers networks are the best.


2. How much does the Virgin mobile cost per month?

Ans: Virgin Mobile Phone plans Canada will cost $35 - $60 per month. So, you will choose the plan which is best suited for you.

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