What Is The Best Phone Card To Call Jamaica 2023

Calling Cards to Call Jamaica: Do you want to learn how to make an International Call to Jamaica with cheap & high quality? Is it possible? Yes, today we will see the best & most affordable calling cards to call Jamaica. Today, many people travel to foreign countries for work, and some people may be settled in foreign countries like China, the United States, Canada, Singapore, etc. So, someone wants to call & speak with those people who are settled in other countries. At that time, we need to make an international call, Right? Each & every time, we have to pay a lot for international calling. We can go with Calling cards or Phone cards to avoid those things.

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Best Calling Cards to Call Jamaica:

Jamaica is an island country which is situated in the Caribbean Sea. If you want to make an international call to Jamaica, you must spend lots of money for a minute. So, you can go with the Phone card or Calling cards option. A calling or Phone card is used for international or long-distance calling purposes, and standard cards are available to purchase without any account facility. A prepaid card is also available, so you can recharge whenever you want and discard the card after use. 

Here, we will see the list of best calling cards to call Jamaica from the United States, Denmark, Finland, Canada, the UK, etc.

Best Calling Cards to Call Jamaica (From USA):

1. Extreme Talk Card:

Extreme Talk is one of the best calling cards to call Jamaica from the USA. This is a prepaid phone card, and it offers discounted rates for international calling and long-distance calls. You can use this Extreme Talk card from any device like a home phone, work phone, or payphone. While you make a call to Jamaica using this calling card, the call charge will be 12 cents/min. For example, if you continue you want to call for 30 minutes, then your call charge will be $10. So, you have to buy $10 worth of cards.

2. Cuba plus Card:

Cuba Plus card is also one of the best & cheapest phone cards to call Jamaica. If you want to make an international call, you can use this Cuba Plus card to avoid extra call charges. When you make a call from the USA to Jamaica using Cuba plus card, the costs will be 14.5 cents/min. For example, if you are on the call for 30 minutes, the call charges will be $15. You can recharge the card whenever you want & discard it after the usage.

Best Calling Cards to Call Jamaica (From Canada):

CiCi Phone Card:

If you want to make a call from Canada to Jamaica, you can go with a CiCi Phone card to make an international call. CiCi phone card is a rechargeable card, and no fees are required to buy it. To make a call to Jamaica for mostly 15 minutes, you can buy a $5 worth card, allowing you to speak for 18 minutes. Otherwise, if you want to talk for 2 hours more, you can choose a $50 CiCi phone card and enjoy 180 minutes. 

Best Calling Cards to Call Jamaica (From Denmark):

Saturn Phone Card:

Denmark citizens can use the Saturn Phone card option to make an international call to Jamaica. It offers an international call of Landlines for 18.4 cents/min and mobile calls for 17.6 cents/min. You can buy it by choosing the rechargeable plan like $5, $10, $15, $20, etc. For example, if you want to speak for above 1 hour (60 minutes), then you can choose the $20 plan. So, you can enjoy extra calling time also. 


Calling cards are a must while making an international or long-distance call to avoid extra charges. Lots of Calling cards or phone cards are available in all countries. So, you can choose the best card based on your need. I hope the above information is beneficial for you to know more about Calling cards. Hurry Up and enjoy an international call now!


1. How to use the calling card?

  • First, you have to dial the access number
  • After that, you have to select the prompt language
  • Now, Enter your Pin code and wait
  • Finally, dial your destination
  • For an international call, you have to dial – 011 + country code + city number + mobile number

2. How Can I Make a free call to Jamaica?

Ans: You can use PopTox to make a free call to Jamaica. Enter the phone number you want and make a call. You can use any device to create a free call.

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