Zong Weekly Internet Packages Dial *220# (New Update)

Zong Weekly Internet Packages: In our world, there is no guarantee that the internet will always be safe and reliable. But if you have Zong, you can rest assured that whatever you send through the internet will be delivered safely and securely. Zong provides secure, private and fast communication services around the world. With Zong internet packages, you can use all social media apps with fast internet. Zong offers daily, weekly and monthly packages to the customers. Here, we will see how to check Zong Weekly Internet Packages budget-friendly.

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About Zong 4G:

Zong is an online mobile phone service provider in Pakistan which is based in China. It has been one of the fastest-growing telecom companies in China. Zong was the first company to get a free license to carry out mobile phone service in Pakistan. Recently, Zong added the option of a cheap Internet package that enables customers to download 3G content/4G Content. Zong offers 2GB per month for only 49RMB ($8.29). They provide unlimited voice calls and SMS messages to all users. You can choose all in one or separate plans for SMS, Voice and Internet. Even you can choose the single-day plan for your need.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages:

If you want to enjoy Zong Internet, you can go with the Zong weekly internet package offer. Just dial *6464# for the tariff plan and choose the best one that suits you. Here, we listed the best Zong Weekly Internet packages,

  • Zong Super Weekly plan offers 4 GB internet/7 Days for just Rs.200.
  • Zong Super Weekly Plus plan offers 8 GB internet/7 Days for just Rs.250.
  • Zong Super Weekly Max plan offers 25 GB internet/7 Days for just Rs.350.
  • Zong Weekly YouTube plan offers 8 GB data for YouTube/7 Days for just Rs.135.
  • Zong Weekly Mega Data plan offers 100 GB/7 Days for just Rs.103.
  • Zong All in One Weekly plan offers 4 GB Internet data, 5000 on-net free minutes/7 days for just Rs. 210.
  • Zong Haftawar Load plan offers 12 GB of internet data, unlimited on-net, 100 off-net minutes, and unlimited SMS/7 Days for just Rs.300.

Zong Post-paid Internet Packages:

Both postpaid and Pre-paid Zong SIM and packages are available. If you are a postpaid user, you can use the Zong Post-paid internet packages below.

  • Zong Z data 20 GB plan offers only 20 GB (4 GB) internet/30 days for Rs. 1000 plus tax.         
  • Zong Z data 10 GB plan offers only 10 GB data/30 Days for just Rs.300.
  • Zong Z data 3 GB plan offers 3 GB data/30 Days for just Rs.250.
  • Zong Monthly YouTube 25 GB plan offers 25 GB for watching Youtube only/30 Days for just Rs.800 plus tax.
  • Zong Monthly YouTube 12 GB plan offers 12 GB of data for watching YouTube/30 Days for just Rs.500 plus tax


There are lots of Zong weekly internet packages available, and you can choose any of the Zong-mentioned internet packages per your need. Or you can also visit the official website of Zong Network and search for the plans as per your wish. 


1. How can I subscribe to Zong 30 GB Weekly?

  • Zong users can dial *220# and activate this Zong 30 GB weekly plan. Or you can visit the Zong official website, search and activate the plan

2. What is the Zong Weekly Internet package?

  • Zong Super Weekly internet package offers its customers 2 GBs volume of the internet for 1 week at Rs 100. Or you can Dial *6464# to subscribe and *102# to check the remaining data.

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