Zong Monthly Internet Package (3G/4G) New Update

Zong Monthly Internet Package (3G/4G): The Zong monthly internet package can be the best option for people unsatisfied with their current internet service provider or those looking for a cheaper and more reliable internet plan. With the Zong Monthly Internet Package, you get a whole month of internet service with no contract. You can also use the monthly package to keep your connection active and not worry about paying additional fees for unused data. Here, we listed the best Zong monthly internet package and daily and weekly.

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About Zong Internet:

Zong is the best service provider, which China Mobile owns. It is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. There are four network operators available in Pakistan. In that, Zong 4G network is the second largest network which provides both 3G/4G networks for cheap and best rates. Zong introduced internet bundle offers for its customers. Recently, the Zong service provider tested 5G network coverage and got a positive result also. Soon, the people will get the 5G network coverage of Zong 4G. 

Zong Monthly Internet Package:

I know some people who don't want to spend money on their internet connection, so here's a monthly package with the most popular bundle, only $29.99 per month, but you get all of the following unlimited packages at discounted prices.

Zong Monthly Social Bundle plan offers 12 GB data, 250 Zong minutes, 35 off-net minutes/30 days for just Rs. 199.
Zong Monthly 20 GB plan offers 20 GB data/30 Days for just Rs. 575.
Zong Monthly 5 GB plan offers 5 GB data/30 Days for just 299.
Zong Monthly 40 GB plan offers free 40 GB internet/30 days (20 GB extra from 1 AM to 9 AM) for just Rs. 899.
Zong Monthly Facebook plan offers 6 GB data for Facebook use/30 Days for just Rs. 113.
Zong Monthly Whatsapp Plus plan offers 5GB data for using Whatsapp and IMO. video calling, 200 free minutes/30 Days for just Rs. 125.
Zong Prepaid Internet Sims Add-ons offer 24 GB data/30 Days for Rs.1200.
Zong Internet Sims Add-ons offers 60GB data/30 Days for Rs. 2000.

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Zong Internet Package (Weekly):

Some people want weekly internet packages. Here, we will list the best Zong internet packages weekly.

Zong Super Weekly plan offers - 4 GB speed data/7 days for Rs. 200.
Zong Super Weekly Plus - plan offers 8GB internet/7 Days for Rs. 250.
Zong All in One Weekly - plan offers 4 GB Internet data, 5000 free minutes/7 Days for Rs. 210.

Zong Haftawar Load Offer plan offers 12 GB internet, unlimited voice call, and unlimited SMS/7 Days for Rs. 300


Zong 4G network offers many voice call offers, internet, and SMS packages. If you want the best internet package of Zong for daily use, use the mentioned internet packages and enjoy 4G data. Daily, Weekly and monthly plans are available. So, you can choose which one is best suited for you.


How to activate Zong 30 GB internet?

Ans: To activate Zong 30 GB internet, dial *6464# or visit the Zong website and search for internet package and Click on Zong 30 GB data, Pay Rs.1000 and activate Zong 30 GB internet.

How can I check Zong monthly for 40 GB?

Ans: To Check your Zong monthly 40 GB internet, Dial *102#. It will cost ten paise plus tax.

How can I subscribe to the Zong Weekly max offer?

Ans: Just Dial *220# to subscribe to this bundle offer. Check usage details of Super Weekly Max by dialling *102# (Charges 10 Paisa plus tax)

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