Asus [ZenFone/Max/8/9/ROG] Phone APN Settings New

Asus phone APN settings: We all know that we need the Internet for everything nowadays. Most of the functions we go through work with the help of the Internet. The Internet has become a part of our life for many years. We access these internet facilities through devices such as computers and smartphones. A few years back, few people only used these smartphones, but now it has changed a lot. All the banking processes are also computerised. To access these facilities on our smartphones, we need the Internet. For this, we need the help of an APN. So now, let us see how to set up Asus phone APN settings.

About Asus Phone:

Asus is one of the best-selling brands in computers and laptops. The quality of the product is impeccable. When a survey was taken, many professionals preferred Asus over other computers. Now Asus has introduced their intelligent phone series. It is fascinating to have a smartphone with the best operations. The processes used in the device are good, so it works at a reasonable speed. With the help of an APN, you can easily access the internet connection. Let us see all the easy steps you can follow in this process.

How To Insert Sim Card in asus phone:

  1. Before starting the process, you should ensure that you have inserted your SIM card correctly.
  2. In some SIM cards, it is preferred to put the SIM card you want to access in the first slot.
  3. After that, you should turn on the internet connection on your phone.
  4. Make sure that the internet connection is on throughout the process.
  5. Now go to settings and start the process.

How To Change APN In Asus [ZenFone/Max/8/9/ROG] Phone:

Usually, APN are not changed regularly. There are specific APNs that you can use only on Asus phones. Find and change them by accessing the network and internet options from the settings.

Asus ZenFone APN settings How to set: 

  1. As the first step, open the settings option on your smartphone.
  2. In that, you should click on the network and internet options. 
  3. Now you should click on the option called mobile network.
  4. Now they will ask you about the SIM card you want to access if you have inserted two SIMs. 
  5. It will be pretty straightforward. 
  6. Click on the SIM that you want to access
  7. This question will not be asked if there is only one SIM.
  8. Now you should click on the + sign, which is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. 
  9. This process is done to set up a new APN.
  10. More information like username, password, APN, proxy, port, etc. will be asked. 
  11. Enter the correct values accordingly.
  12. After this process, click on the save option, which is displayed in the upper right corner.
  13. Now make sure that this process is working.
  14. There will be some errors in some cases. 
  15. This may occur due to signal issues and other issues like the expiry of recharge.
  16. So, you should ensure that all these problems are cleared before using them.


This is how the Asus phone APN setup is done. It is an easy process. Asus mainly focused on creating individual computers and laptops for the users. They have introduced their smartphones to provide a different experience to the users. The APN setting in an Asus phone is relatively easy. Just follow the above steps correctly. If you face any problem with the process, just try the steps one more time. I hope the above content helped you in the way you expected it to.


Why do most youths buy Asus phones?

  • Asus phones are suitable for gaming purposes. The clarity and the picture quality Asus phones provide are unbelievable. Amazingly, the phone will never be hung when the phone is used for an extended period. The internet connections have to be good to experience most of these features.

Why can’t we insert an APN of our choice?

  • We cannot insert an APN of our choice. For every device, select the respective APN. APNs have specifications, however. We cannot use a common APN for all devices. This is because the processing in different devices differs.

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