How To Find Alcatel Phone Apn Settings 2024

Alcatel Phone Apn Settings: Most people are unaware of the apn settings on their respective smartphones. Most people now a day's mainly focus on the features of smartphones rather than knowing more about their software. The software of a smartphone is more important than the external features. Knowing about your smartphone will help you to know more about its functions. Many users are unaware of the access point name or the APN settings. 

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About Alcatel:

APN can be defined simply as the basic settings your smartphone needs to connect between the network in your cellular device and the internet. It is also the cellular network path for all cellular data connections.

Alcatel is a famous French brand. It is spreading around the globe due to the impeccable features the device produces. Nokia owns this French brand. All the features that the Alcatel phone produces are pretty unique. There are some rare features, such as good battery capacity and the device getting charged very quickly. With all these features, keeping track of the APN settings is essential.

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Alcatel Phone Apn Settings Manually Set up: 

As the first step, you should click on the menu option from the home screen. 
Then you should click on the settings option. 
You should click on the network and connection option on the settings option. 
Now you should click on the data usage option.
You should check whether the mobile data is off. If it is off, then turn on the mobile data option.
Now you should go to the next window page, which is the mobile network.
In that, you should tap on the option called the access point.
There you will see a plus symbol. You should click on that.
Then in the option for entering the name, you should enter skinny data.
The user name that you want to type in is APN.
The password is
Under the option, the proxy just leaves a blank.
Now under the option port leaves a blank.
Under the option username, you should leave it blank.
Under the option password, you should leave it blank.
Now under the option MCC, you should enter 530
Under the option MNC you should enter 05
Under the option authentication type, you should tick PAP.
Now tap on the option APN type. There you should enter default, supl, and click ok.
Now under the APN protocol option, you should click on the IPV4 option.
Under the option APN, roaming protocol, you should click on the IPV4 option.
Now you should click on the options symbol present there.
Next, you should click on the save option. Now the processing is completed successfully.

What is the APN used for Alcatel?

APN is
Username: empty
Password: empty


This is how the settings for APNs are done. When you buy a Smartphone, there are more important things than the device's looks. The looks also matter, but the main thing is that all smartphones' software and device settings are different. If you know about most of these features, it would be easy for you to understand a problem when your device is facing one hope the above content helped you in a way you expected it to.


What are the best APNs to use?

  • The main factor is that there are not any best APNs that anyone can use. Each cellular source has its APN settings. These settings will usually be downloaded automatically, so we cannot download and use an APN as per your choice.

How will we know which APN is used by us?

  • The names of the respective APN device will be displayed in the APN settings option. It is pretty interesting that every APN represents and shows different characteristics. It is informative.

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