Vivo (y21/y15/y11/y20) APN (Internet) Settings How to configure

Vivo APN settings : We all know that we depended upon many different things before smartphones were introduced. For taking pictures, we used cameras, and for recording audio, we used a recorder. For saving documents, we used files, and even to get the information, we used books. Now we have access to all of these under your fingertip. This is what makes smartphones more useful. In this, getting information is an important thing. Before, when you wanted to get the information, you referred to different books, which would take days. Now you can do that using the internet. As we know, most applications are working with the help of the internet. What happens when this internet is no longer available?

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About Vivo :

The main feature that the users prefer but the Vivo phone is that it provides them with amazing audio quality. Vivo was the first brand to release the thinnest screen at first. It has a high resolution of 24 MP front cameras. This will provide us with a better selfie experience than other devices. Setting APN in a Vivo device is an easy process.

APN or access point is the connection between the device and the internet. You can only access the internet on your smartphone if the APN setting is done. There may occur situations where you should set the APN or reset the APN. Now let us see how APN settings are done in a Vivo smartphone.

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How To Configure Vivo (y21/y15/y11/y20) APN Settings :

  1. Before starting the process, insert the SIM card you need to access the internet properly.
  2. Now open your Vivo device and then select the settings option.
  3. You will see another option called the mobile network option in the settings option.
  4. In this option, you will find all the settings under your device and the internet you want to access.
  5. You will find the option to select between SIM 1 and SIM 2.
  6. This is to find out which SIM card has the internet plan. So click on the SIM that you want.
  7. After this process, from the options displayed below, you should click on the option called the access point name or APN. 
  8. You will find an option in the top left corner called the menu bar. 
  9. It will be represented in the form of three lines.
  10. Click on that option; there, you will find some options. From those options, you should click on the reset and default options. 
  11. Now you will go to a new page. On that new page, you will see an option called new APN.
  12. After clicking on the new APN option, you will see some blanks you need to fill in. This is the information that you should fill in to set up APN.
  13. There you will find many options. First, you will find the name option, then the APN option, then the proxy option, then the port option, then the username option, then the password option, then the server option, then the MMSC option, then the MMS proxy option then the MMS port option then the MCC option then the MNC option.
  14. After entering all this information, you should click on the save option.
  15. Now the process is completed.

What is the common APN configuration:

There are no common APN configurations that anyone can use. As explained, the configuration of every APN for different smartphones is different. The same configurations cannot be used anyhow.


This is how we set up APN in vivo. As we explained, the use of smartphones is amazing. Now a day, people can’t even think about a day without their smartphones. Setting APN is an important task. Most users don’t even know what APN means. Knowing about the device that you use is an important aspect. Just follow the steps given above carefully. Hope this content helped you.


Is Vivo the best phone to use?

  • Vivo is one of the best phones you can buy on a low budget. There are many other phones which perform better than Vivo.

What will we do if the device shows an error after the APN is fixed?

  • You can check whether there are any problems regarding the internet or reset the APN again.

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