Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 40mm vs 44mm (Difference)

Which size of the new Galaxy Watch 5 is best for you? 40mm or 44mm? Everyone's wrist size and preferences differ. This guide has all the details to help make the decision easier. You'll learn how the sizes differ regarding look, feel, and features. So you can determine which size is better suited for you.

About Galaxy Watch 5:

Samsung's latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 5, launched in August 2020. It's available in two sizes - 40mm and 44mm. Both models have bezel-free edges with multiple colors and straps.The hardware and software features are impressive. 

There's an always-on display, fitness sensors, trackers, and One Battery System tech for long battery life.
The 40mm model has a 1.2-inch touchscreen with a 360 x 360 resolution. 
The 44mm model is more than 1.4 inches, with a 472 x 472 resolution. 
Both feature Corning Gorilla Glass DX for scratch resistance.
Samsung Pay has an optical heart rate sensor, ECG sensor, GPS/Galileo/GLONASS support, and NFC connectivity.
Battery life is great too. The 40mm model offers up to 7 days, while the 44mm is rated for ten days on a single charge when using the wireless charging dock or a compatible power bank.

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What is the difference Between Galaxy Watch 5 40mm and 44mm:

Specification Galaxy Watch 4 40mm Galaxy Watch 4 44mm
Display size 1.2 inches 1.4 inches
Display resolution 396 x 396 pixels 450 x 450 pixels
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 9.5 mm 44 x 44 x 9.8 mm
Weight 25.9 grams 30.3 grams
Battery capacity 247mAh 361mAh
Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS
Sensors Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer, ECG, SpO2, BIA Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer, ECG, SpO2, BIA
Storage 16GB 16GB
Water resistance 5ATM + IP68 5ATM + IP68
LTE version Not available Available

Galaxy watch 5 40mm Battery Size:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has two battery sizes: the 40mm model, with a 237 mAh battery, and the 44mm model, with a 340 mAh battery. Both offer an estimated 24 hours of usage time.

Charge the batteries to full capacity before a run or workout to get the best performance. The 40mm model takes two hours to charge, while the 44mm model's Instant Power Up option allows it to charge fully within an hour. Both versions come with a wireless charging dock.

Galaxy watch 5 44mm Battery Size:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes. Examining them further, the battery size varies. The 44mm model has a 470 mAh battery, while the 40mm has 247 mAh. This indicates that the 44mm model has a longer battery life.

Furthermore, both models possess an efficient power-saving feature. You can toggle this feature in settings. It helps you maximize usage and track battery usage, thus avoiding any abrupt power-outs.

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Galaxy watch 5 40mm and 44mm price.

When picking between the two sizes of the Galaxy Watch 5, price is important to keep in mind. The 40mm model costs $279, while the 44mm starts at $299. But there's more than just cost that sets them apart.

The 40mm display has a 1.2-inch display and three days of battery life, while the 44mm boosts this to 4 days. Visually, the 40mm has 360 x 360 pixels and 326 ppi. On the other hand, the bigger watch has 384 x 384 pixels and 303 ppi. Plus, it has an always-on display mode.

It all comes down to what type of watch wearer you are. Consider wrist size, weight, form factor, and battery life. Considering all these features will help you pick the perfect Galaxy Watch 5 and get the most out of your purchase.

Is the Samsung Watch 5 worth buying:

Their main differences are battery life and size. 40mm has three days of battery life, while 44mm has four days. The 40mm is 42x46x11 mm, and the 44mm is 44x50x11 mm.Both versions track heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, and stress. Plus, they can stream movies, music, and more.

If you want an affordable smartwatch with great features, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 might be perfect. Just pick the size and battery life that suits you best!


Comparing the 40mm and 44mm Galaxy Watch 5 models reveals both have benefits. Both watches offer great features and stylish designs. Which size fits your wrist better? What features are most important? The 40mm is smaller for those who want a lightweight Watch 5 with long battery life and activity tracking. The 44mm is larger with clear data analysis.


What is the difference between the Galaxy Watch 5 40mm and the 44mm model?

  • The main difference between the Galaxy Watch 5 40mm and 44mm models is their size. The 40mm model has a 1.2-inch display with a 360 x 360, while the 44mm model has a 1.4-inch display with a 360 x 360. In addition, the 44mm model has a larger battery capacity and is slightly heavier than the 40mm model.

What features do the Galaxy Watch 5 40mm and 44mm have in common?

  • Both the 40mm and 44mm models of the Galaxy Watch 5 have the same features, including water resistance up to 50 meters, long-lasting battery life, and advanced health monitoring capabilities.

What are the advantages of getting the 44mm model?

  • The main advantage of getting the 44mm model of the Galaxy Watch 5 is the increased battery capacity and larger display size. The 44mm model also has a slightly higher weight, which makes it more suitable for people with larger wrists.

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