How To Change APN Settings on Your Router

Android users would be familiar with the APNs. APN is the acronym for Access Point Name, a gateway to connect the phone with available network connections. With it, your phone will be helpful since it can be connected to the internet. For that, you need to pay close attention to the APN settings on the device. Make sure whether the APN on your Android has been set correctly or not. Aside from mobile phones, you can also configure the APN on your wifi router with a little workaround. The steps may be longer on the phone, but how they work is the same. 

Now, before talking much further about how to change the APN, let us first understand what APN means.

Definition of APN:

In the case of mobile phones, APN is a gateway system or connection name-setting system to connect cellular operator networks with several other networks, including internet networks and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). With this understanding of APN, the function of APN is to make smartphones able to connect to the internet network or the like, according to the type of network operator used.

According to Android Central, when APN settings are added to the smartphone, the mobile operator will read them to generate an IP address, connect to a secure internet network path, and connect to a private network when needed.

APN settings usually run automatically when the operator connects the smartphone to the cellular network. The APN must sometimes be set manually to achieve the best connection possible.

APN Function:

If your internet connection is slow or intermittent, it might be because your APN settings are having problems. Try the other APN settings that might've worked.

This method will make your internet faster and more stable and make streaming movies on Netflix fun.APN is vital in helping your smartphone device access the internet using cellular operator networks, starting from GSM, 3G, or 4G. Suppose you install an APN that doesn't match the phone's internet network or the type of operator. In that case, the internet connection will have problems, including in the APN settings for various internet operators. 

Each telephone operator certainly has different APN settings and phone operators. And as mentioned above, changing APN can also be done on routers. For example, when you install a VPN, some changes will occur. But why VPN? Because there are so many benefits of using a VPN for routers, like making the connection more secure and safer and ensuring that no one can trace your personal data.

However, your smartphone will default set its own APN with the internet APN. So how do you select the APN? Check out the complete steps below.

How to Set APN On Mobile Phones:

Each mobile cellular operator has a different APN or connection name setting system. For example, the APN name for one cellular operator is "internet." While the other might have a different term, like "3data", for example.

To set the cellular network APN, the method also varies for each cell phone. But, no need to worry. Here's how you change the phone APN:

● Open the phone settings menu.

● Then, select the menu titled "Cellular," "Connection," or "SIM Card."

● Select the cellular operator currently in use.

● Enter the APN name of the cellular operator used.

● APN settings on iOS Open the "Settings" menu

● Then, select the "Cellular" menu and click the "Cellular data network" option.

● Enter the APN name of the cellular operator used.

As additional information, when setting up an APN on a smartphone, there are columns for filling in the username and password. However, these two fields are generally left blank, so you only need to fill in the APN name, which is how to set the APN on the smartphone.

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Setting Up The APN Settings On the Router:

As mentioned above, the APN settings on a router can also be adjusted. However, the settings are more complicated than the phone. No matter what you're doing, the info on an APN should always be filled in since these are the requirements to connect to certain data services.

Please note that the APN settings must be adjusted correctly to establish a new internet connection provided by the network carrier. 

How To Change APN Settings on Your Router:

Changing the APN settings on a router is simple. However, you must be careful because a new connection can never be established if any data is misfiled. So, here's how you do it:

  1. First, login into your router
  2. Select the APN tab
  3. Then enter the empty columns with the connection details
  4. Save the settings you've just made
  5. Wait for a while until the router finish rebooting.

If you can't access the router, contact the internet provider for further information. There should be a team who will tell you how to do it, although a case like this rarely happens. Once a wifi router is set, usually the consumer will have direct control over it. 


In conclusion, changing the APN settings on your router is a straightforward process. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily configure your router to connect to the internet using a different APN. Whether you're experiencing slow speeds or connection issues, changing your APN settings could be the solution you need. Just consult your service provider for the correct APN details before making any changes. With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to enjoying a faster and more reliable internet connection in no time. Don't hesitate to try it and see the difference for yourself!
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