How to Make FaceTime Audio Call on iPhone And iPad 2024

Hello, buddies! We're glad you're here. We're delving into the beautiful world of FaceTime Audio today, an Apple technology that makes it possible to make high-quality audio conversations using Wi-Fi or cellular connection. FaceTime Audio keeps you covered whether you need to communicate with other Apple users or are separated from loved ones by distance. We'll review the ins and outs of this practical communication tool in this blog article to help you remain in touch with friends and family no matter where they are. So, let's get started and explore FaceTime Audio's marvels!

FaceTime Audio: What is it?

The same high-quality audio technology that powers FaceTime video conversations is also used for voice-only calls made using FaceTime Audio. This indicates that the voice quality will be clean and sharp even when contacting someone via a cellular data connection.

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How to Make a FaceTime Audio Call on iPhone:

To make a FaceTime audio call on an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the FaceTime app.
  2. Tap the "+" button in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Enter the phone number or email address of the person you want to call.
  4. Tap the "Audio" button.

The person you're calling will receive a notification. If they accept the call, you'll be connected.

 How to make a FaceTime audio call on Mac:

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Select the conversation with the person you want to call.
  3. Click the Video button in the top-right corner of the window.
  4. Choose FaceTime Audio to immediately start the call.

 How to make a FaceTime audio call using Messages on Mac in more detail:

  1. Open the Messages app on your Mac.
  2. Do one of the following to choose who you want to start the audio call with:
  3. Select a conversation for the person or group.
  4. Send a message to the person.
  5. Send a message to the group.
  6. Click the Video button in the top-right corner of the window.
  7. Choose FaceTime Audio to immediately start the call.

How to Get the Most Out of FaceTime Audio:

Here are some pointers for maximizing FaceTime Audio:

  • Ensure you have a strong signal-based Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. The highest sound quality will be made possible as a result.
  • Watch your data use if you're using cellular data to call someone. Use Wi-Fi instead of FaceTime Audio, as it can consume much bandwidth.
  • Use earphones or headphones if you're in a loud setting. This will enhance the sound quality of your call and assist in blocking out background noise.


FaceTime Audio is a great way to connect with friends and family over Wi-Fi or cellular data. It's easy to use and offers clear, crisp sound quality. If you're looking for a free, high-quality audio calling service, FaceTime Audio is a great option


How do I make FaceTime audio instead of a call?

  • Scroll down the Contact Details screen and you should see a “FaceTime” heading of the person you're about to call who also uses FaceTime. Beside it you'll see a video and a phone icon. Tap the phone icon to start an audio-only FaceTime call. Wait for the other person to answer to begin the conversation.

How do I receive audio calls on FaceTime?
  • When a FaceTime call comes in, do any of the following: Take the call: Drag the slider or tap Accept.

How do I change Whatsapp to FaceTime on iPhone?

  • You can make a Facetime Call by opening the Facetime App directly and choosing a contact there. If the contacts App has whatsapp as the default video call, you can change back to Facetime by tapping and holding down on the video call option to bring up the video options menu, and select Facetime instead to change it.

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