What Is GP1 And GP2 In BSNL Network (Kerala) Offers

What Are GP1 And GP2 in BSNL Grace Period: Today, we will see what are GP1 and GP2 in BSNL Network in this article. BSNL network provides GP1 and GP2 grace periods for customers before their contract is expired or is terminated. If your BSNL plan validity is expired, then you can get 2 grace periods to renew your BSNL prepaid plan. If you don’t renew your BSNL prepaid plan then your SIM card service will be deactivated and you will lose your BSNL mobile number.

About BSNL Network:

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) is a government-owned Telecom Company and it was founded in September 2000. BSNL network offers both fixed-line telephone and mobile telephony services for their customers. It can also offer postpaid, prepaid, and broadband services for its customers. Several recharge packages are offered by this network, so you can select your BSNL plan and top u your BSNL services online with BSNL official website.

BSNL users can receive the alert message before the prepaid plan validity gets expires and also that message contains technical terms such as GP1, GP2, credit clearance date, and more. Grace period is available for subscribed BSNL prepaid customers. Many BSNL users want to know the details of GP1 and GP2 in the BSNL Network. Here, we will teach you what are GP1 and GP2 in BSNL Network.

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BSNL GP1 (Grace Period 1):

GP1 is the first grace period for the prepaid users from the first day of your account expired under BSNL GSM mobile services. The duration of GP1 is 7 days from the expiry date. In that time, the users have to renew the prepaid plan to carry the balance amount. In Grace Period 1, BSNL prepaid users can receive the incoming calls and all the outgoing services (voice, data, and SMS services) of their prepaid number will be temporarily stopped. If users do not recharge their prepaid number with their plan during GP1, their existing balance will lapse and their mobile number will be moved to the GP2 (Grace Period 2). 

Credit Clearance Date:

The Last day of GP1 for your BSNL prepaid number is the credit clearance date. In case users can’t renew their prepaid mobile number with their selected plan voucher during Grace Period 1 (GP1) their current account balance will have lapsed and their mobile number will be pushed to Grace Period 2 (GP2).

BSNL GP2 (Grace Period 2):

GP2 (Grace Period 2) beginning on the next day of the Grace Period 1. That is GP2 begins on the eighth day of expiry of a customer’s BSNL prepaid plan. If you failed to recharge your BSNL prepaid number in grace period 2, then all your incoming and outgoing services (voice, SMS, and data services) will be completely stopped. The Duration of Grace Period 2 is 165 days. The total grace period for BSNL prepaid customers is 172 days. This Grace period is applicable for all BSNL prepaid plans. If customers are not ready to recharge their BSNL prepaid number during the Grace Period 2, then their SIM card will be terminated and they may lose their BSNL mobile number.

Last Words:

We have provided the complete details of Grace Period 1 and Grace Period 2 in the BSNL network. You can easily get the details for GP 1 and GP 2 in the BSNL network. I hope this article will be useful to know more details regarding the Grace Period 1 (GP1) and Grace Period 2 (GP2) in BSNL. If users have any queries regarding GP 1 and GP 2 in the BSNL network, they can leave their queries in the comment section below. Thank you. 

Frequently Asked Questions for GP 1 and GP 2 in the BSNL network:

1. What is the validity period of GP 1 and GP 2 in the BSNL network?

The validity period of grace period 1 (GP1) is 7 days.
The validity period of grace period 2 (GP2) is 165 days. 
The total grace period for BSNL prepaid customers is 172 days.

2. What will happen after the expiry of GP2 for the BSNL prepaid number?

Once the completion of 172 days grace period, the BSNL mobile number will be deactivated and the user may lose their prepaid mobile number.

3. Is the Grace Period (GP) available for BSNL Network?

Yes, the BSNL Network provides two grace periods (GP1 and GP2) for their customers.

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