Best 12 Android 11’s Hidden New Features ( Media controls etc..)

Android 11’s Best New Features: The 2021 version of the Android operating system known as Android 11 is stable and officially available now. The people who use and support the Google Pixel devices should already have the android update. The latest version should also arrive fast on devices from other manufacturers, including OnePlus, Xiaomi, Realme, and other producers.

Best 12 Android 11’s Hidden New Features
Best 12 Android 11’s Hidden New Features

Considering the fact, Android 11 looks and feels very similar to Android 10. There is less chance you might not notice many differences when the user first boots it up. This is the time where this helpful guide is used. Below, you will see many new features that make this android version of the operating system the best to date.

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Best 12 Android 11’s Best New Features:

  1. Notification history
  2. Chat bubbles in Android 11
  3. Android 11 screen recorder
  4. Media controls
  5. Smart device controls
  6. One-time permissions and auto-reset
  7. Dark theme scheduling
  8. Android 11 updates via Play Store
  9. App suggestions (Android 11 for Pixels only)
  10. App-pinning to the share sheet
  11. Wireless Android Auto
  12. Voice Access becomes more context-aware

Notification history:

The new notification feature helps us to get notifications fast and quick. You can check on the notifications by just swiping on them and helps to keep a record of all the notification that you received in your phone.

notification feature
notification feature 

The new notification history feature is not on by default. You need set it up by going to Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications > Notification history. After doing that you can turn it on and get a notification. As said, you can also store the notification information.

Chat bubbles in Android 11:

Chat bubbles were first introduced in Android 10. This applicational feature was not used very frequently then. But now it is introduced in the Android 11 version.

how chat bubbles work
 how chat bubbles work

If you’ve ever used Facebook Messenger on Android, you already know how chat bubbles work. in the case of Messenger, a chat head appears on your mobile screen that overlays on top of almost every other app. When you tap on the icon it launches the chat. Then it can be minimized to the chat back to an icon. If you are done with the conversation then you can remove the chat head.

Android 11 screen recorder:

When you tap the Screen Record feature which provides you a few options before you start recording. The whole thing is very simple and easy, but it does its job very well. 

Android 11 screen recorder
Android 11 screen recorder

If you need a screen recorder with more features, you can always depend on your favorite third-party app. For most people, the given feature is enough for basic use.

Media controls:

When you swipe down the notification drawer, in android 11 you can see notifications of most of the applications that you are using. It is a common feature in all androids but in Android 11 you can control them there themselves. 

Media controls

For example, if you are playing music before you should select it from the notification drawer and the application appears and then you have to off the music but now you can turn on and off the music video and reply to messages that you get without opening the application.

Smart device controls:

Now you can hold down the power button to launch the latest tools. At the top, you’ll find the usual power features present already, but underneath that, you’ll see a lot more options. Google Pay shortcut allows you to quickly choose which payment method you prefer to use. Under that, you’ll see a lot of buttons connected to your various smart products.

Whatever devices you settle on, you can tap on them to turn lights on or off, check your security cameras very clearly, unlock your front door, etc.  

One-time permissions and auto-reset:

The star feature of the new version Android 11 is one-time permissions. When you first install an application, Android 10 will ask you if you want to allow app permission all the time, only after that the application is used. Android 11 provides the user with even more control over the applications by allowing them to give permissions only for that certain application needed.

One-time permissions and auto-reset
One Time Password

If a user allows permission for the application, Android will ask whether this application is permitted by you or not. If a user wants to give permission every time, they use the application, but an option to grant permission all the time is not there is a lot of apps. 

Dark theme scheduling:

The dark theme is a good idea implemented by the developers. Nowadays most people use their phone for more than 10 hours and according to the record, 60 percent of people are using it more during nighttime. In this situation staining their eyes is a very bad health problem. 

Dark theme scheduling
Dark theme scheduling

The brightness of the light on the mobile makes the eye strain more. In this case, using the dark theme is a good idea. the eyes will be safe and all the work will be done as usual.

Android 11 updates via Play Store:

Android 11 is giving more power related to application updates over to the Google Play store. This will allow Google to bypass carriers and OEMs entirely and give out updates to everyone. It still can’t issue the latest version of the Android in this fashion or even the latest available security patches. However, it can fix some of the security holes with this method and can even update specific features of the Android system.

Android 11 updates via Play Store
Android 11 updates via Play Store

It is a good thing worldwide as it will help to keep Android phones safer and more up-to-date, even if the OEM has abandoned the phone. It would be much better if it didn’t happen, but at least Google is doing what it can to address this issue and it’s a great job.

App suggestions (Android 11 for Pixels only):

If you have a Pixel device running Android 11, you have the opportunity to let Google’s AI smarts control the applications that appear in your dock. Android will use many different factors to determine which five applications it thinks should be in your dock at any time of the day. The application will constantly change, with the end goal being that the application that you’ll want to open will be at the ready even before you know you want to open it.

App suggestions
App suggestions 

Of course, Google will allow you to tell Android to skip certain applications. You can also turn the feature things that you don’t want it. Still, it’s a really interesting and exciting addition to Android 11 that should make people’s lives just a tiny bit easier and it’s a huge step.

App-pinning to the share sheet:

Now you have the option to pin apps to your share sheet in order to easily access them whenever you want to use them to share things. 

App-pinning to the share sheet
App-pinning to the share sheet

This feature allows the user to control which apps will be appearing at the top of the list when you want to share something with someone. Android’s current system of presenting the application in an order that it determines is confusing and makes power users pretty frustrated and disturbed, so this is a good chance.

Wireless Android Auto:

Android Auto is a very User-friendly and useful system, but the main problem is it requires your phone to be plugged in. Some certain phones like namely Pixels can communicate with Android Auto wirelessly, but not everyone owns one of those phones only a few have it.

Wireless Android Auto
Wireless Android Auto

In Android 11, every smartphone that runs the operating system can take advantage of wireless Android Auto connections as common. The only limitation seen is that it will be the head unit in your car will need to support the feature then only it will work. Obviously, it is still one of the major limitations for folks who own cars that are a few years old, but it will help to start the transition towards every Android Auto experience which will finally be totally wireless.

Voice Access becomes more context-aware:

The users with mobility problems have a nifty feature within the Android called voice access. By turning on this feature you can simply and easily tell your Android phone what to do using the feature of Google Assistant.

Voice Access becomes more context-aware
  Voice Access becomes more context-aware

In Android 10, though specific functions will be required you to voice-activate numbered on-screen elements as usual. For example, If you say “Tap 5” while using the Twitter application to prepare a new tweet. Now, you could say, “Open Twitter, prepare tweet,” making sure that your interactions with the phone are much more fluid and cleaner.

The features given above are the most important new Android 11 features. Stay tuned for the latest feature updates.

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