How To Fix Mobile Network State Disconnected Android (All Network)

Mobile network state disconnected 4 Easy Way: Mobile phones have taken us a long way from their invention to till now as its evolution. There is no human without mobile phones nowadays. In the beginning, there were only few network companies were based at the early state of mobile phone inventions but now we have numerous mobile network companies all over the world, which provides a wide range service for all their customers. We people get to choose out our necessary and suitable network through which we get a good network for our mobile phone. In some cases, we may find few issues with their networks often. Mostly the issues will be like disconnected networks and much more like that. In this post let us see about one important issue often we face is a disconnected network and also, we will see about how to fix those problems.

Every Android user would have faced this situation once in a while using it. If you too facing the same crisis then this post will be much needed for you. If this issue occurs automatically your mobile data connection would be lost till your network is back good. The reason for this issue can be the case in which you will be trying to 4G network while your SIM is just 3G. This mobile network state is disconnected sometimes like poor cellular network or wireless signal reception. At this state when you try to connect with the internet it can lead to the Mobile network state being disconnected. 

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About Mobile network state disconnected:

Now let us see what may be the causes for this mobile network state disconnected, sometimes an old mobile or the mobile phone with the outdated hardware or version or if the SIM card is not inserted properly or SIM card is not activated properly or improper Wifi connection and so on. Any one of the above might be the exact lead for the error. This problem can be sorted out easily and let us see below about it. 

In the beginning, we have to find the problem, for that, you have to follow few steps and diagnose what the reason would be. Like initially, Restart the device, and after restarting if the issue continues then you can analyze further. But sometimes if you restart you can find the issue solved. Then check for the network’s connections of your mobile. Just enter into the settings menu and check it then also take a view on the VoLTE/ LTE symbol on your mobile. In some cases, improper IP configuration or DNS settings can also cause this Mobile network state to disconnected. 

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How To Fix Mobile Network State Disconnected (4 Easy Way): 

After analyzing the reason for this issue, we can next try to sort out this problem by the following,

  1. How To Change Mobile Network ON Andriod
  2. Network Resetting Option
  3. Deactivate The Wifi Connection Of  Your Android
  4. Remove The Existing APN Settings

How To Change Mobile Network ON Andriod:

Initially try to change the mobile network of your android. In cases, improper networks can cause this sort of problem. Because SIM cards with 4G can not work properly in a 3G network.

  • Go to the main settings in your Android
  • Choose the option of Network Mode
  • Now choose the network option as either 2G, 3G, or 4G
  • Then again try it to connect with the mobile data in your android.

Network Resetting Option: 

The network resetting option can help you to fix this Mobile network State disconnected. 

  • Again, go to the settings option in your android.
  • Now choose the general option and choose general
  • Choose reset option
  • Then choose reset network

Finally, exit and restart the device. If this method also doesn’t work out then you can try the other options too. 

Deactivate The Wifi Connection Of  Your Android:

The other option is to deactivate the Wifi connection of your android.

  • To deactivate this Wifi connection, first, open the settings option
  • Then go to the Wireless and network settings option and select it
  • Now turn off the Wifi connection on your android
  • Choose the option network mode on your screen
  • Check whether the mobile data in on
  • Also, ensure that mobile data is roaming
  • Now finally enable the mobile data always on

These steps are done because in some androids the mobile data will be automatically closed once it is connected to the Wifi connection. At that point, there can be seen this mobile network state disconnected. 

Remove The Existing APN Settings: 

The final option to fix this Mobile network state disconnected is to remove the existing APN settings and just replace the default APN settings in your Android. This can be done by just doing a simple step which is to remove your SIM card once and again insert the same SIM card into your Android. But still, if you were unable to change the APN settings then you have to approach the network provider nearby. 

Here I have mentioned an ample number of methods to rectify this Mobile network state disconnected issue. But we cannot say that this is the exact method to fix it. The only thing we can do is, can try out all the above methods given and anyone can help you to fix your problem. However, even these methods couldn’t help you just visit your nearest customer service and get cleared.


This problem of Mobile Network State Disconnected can be caused by various reasons. But the important thing is, we have to analyze the problem and follow the steps to fix it. I hope all the methods mentioned might be beneficial. This post might be useful for you all who are seeking to fix the above problem. Any further queries can mention below in the comment section

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