How To Improve Sound Quality And Boost Volume On Android

How to improve sound quality and boost volume on Android: Sound quality is an important thing to be valid in smartphones. The use of sound varies very much in an android phone. It is used to hear the calls clearly to listen to music and watch videos. Now a day's music has become a very big deal in the life of people. Even music is used to cure many illnesses. But it is common that t is used to cure stress. We all will listen to music when we are not feeling good and boost up our day. For that great experience, we need good quality sound experience. 

There are many ways to boost sound quality but a major part lies in the production of the product. To experience a very good sound experience it is always preferred to buy a good quality smartphone. The things a sound booster has limits. Most of the phones are having a good quality of sound when you buy them. It is seen that the quality of the sound reduces as time passes by. This is the time when you need to improve sound quality and boost volume.

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How to improve sound quality and boost volume on Android:

Instead of going into the deep details of boosting the sound, there are some points that you can try whether it works.

  1. One way is that rotate your phone and, at some point, you may feel that the sound is more clear than usual. Fix that point and place the phone in that position itself. In this way, you may have the chance to experience good quality sound.
  2. In case if you are not currently using a headphone or earbuds them is will be great to get one. In some devices, the loud played sound is less quality compared to sound played through headphones.
  3. If you want to hear the sound loud and not through a headphone then the best way is to keep the sound on and keep it in a bowl. Due to the reflection of sound waves the sound will be heard more clearly than usual.
  4. If you want more loud sound other than this the best way to do it is by pairing it with a Bluetooth speaker. Now you will be able to hear the music loud and clear. But selecting a speaker is a task. A good quality speaker gives you good quality sound.

These are the easy ways to listen to the sound in better quality. If you want to increase sound in other ways there are many options to be followed.

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6 Ways to Improve Your Android Phone's Sound and Volume:

Open the phone settings

  1. Tap on the sound and vibrations option given there. If you have any doubt just search it there.
  2. Tap on the volume option given there
  3. On the upper right corner of the page displayed select on the three dots.
  4. There you can see an option called media volume limiter.
  5. There you can see whether the volume limiter is one or off.
  6. If it is off on the option and under you can see an option called custom volume limit. Adjust it by dragging it

The process is completed

Download a new music app:

One of the best ways is to download a new music app. The different music apps will be having different sound qualities. By installing a new music app, you have chances of increasing the sound quality. For that just go to google play store.

Search for music apps. Determine the best application by comparing the ratings of each application.

Download an Equalizer application:

We all clearly know that the problems with the hardware of the android phone cannot be fixed by just adding an application. No software can fix the problem with the hardware. But by installing an equalizer you can make some changes in the sound variation and bass of the sound. 

If you are facing the problem of low-quality sound due to some software problems then you can use the equalizer to fix it. To get an equalizer is very easy. Go to the play store and just download it. It is recommended to use both music volume EQ and Bass boosters.

Check if your case is blocking a speaker:

You all will be using a protective cover or phone case for your android phone. It is expected to be used as a protection layer for the phone. As you know when you cover your speaker you can't hear the sound clearly it will be having a low sound. This may happen when you put on a phone case to your android phone. It is not to be in all cases. 

There are cases in which gives an opening for the speaker. But if it is closed you can't hear anything. So, make sure it is not blocked by a phone case.

Use a smart speaker:

Nowadays most the people use a smart speaker. It is basically used as an assistant. It will help you to manage your day and help in your daily tasks. It is also used to get instructions, remind you about your schedules and play music. The smart speakers will help you to increase the volume and to control it automatically. In this way, you can fix the problem of low sound and lack of bass.


Sound is a main feature that all users seek in an android phone. It is very difficult to use a phone with a low voice. There are many incidents that we face due to low sound. We may miss a call, a reminder, an alarm, etc. As said earlier there are many applications for increasing sound only if it is due to software problems. The hardware problems cannot be fixed using applications we can only adjust the sound wave. If you have a hardware problem consult a services center. The third-party helping system helps you a lot to experience a good sound quality. There are many devices that help you to adjust the sound as you want. Try them and make sure whether it helps you or not

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