Google Play Store not working? Here’s how to fix it (NEW WAY)

Is Google Play Store not working? Here’s how to fix it: As we all know most users around the world depend on the google play store for the applications that they need. If we have any problem with the google play store application then we all know that we are in big trouble. It can be anything. It can be an error message that you receive when you try to download a new application when the Google Play Store keeps on stopping, crashes, or will not open if you want it to, don’t worry these problems have solutions. 

There are many solutions which are provided by the users since all know that cashing of google play store is a big problem.

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How to pinpoint the problem:

Just make it clear that the problem is on your software and it is not a wider problem with Google directly. Double-check the Play Store status and also its processes on a service like the down detector, for example. If you see a lot of customers are reporting the same and similar kinds of problems, then the chances are on its own Google's side and you should inform them and wait till it is cleared by them.

In case if you find out the problem is with your device then first you want to restart your phone once more. It is really simple, but it is proven that it is the solution for most of the problems that you face. If the problem repeats again and again you should fix the problem manually. Before correcting the problems that you face manually you should make sure of some things.

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Unfortunately, Google Play Service Has Stopped? How to Fix It:

  1. Check your Internet connection
  2. Check your date and time settings:
  3. Install the latest version of Google Play:
  4. Clear the Google Play Store cache:
  5. Clear out your Play Store data:
  6. Clear data and cache on Google Play Services:

Check your Internet connection:

It is really important to check your internet connection. 

  • The google play store application will not work if the is no internet connection. We all know that to run this application we don’t want a huge amount of internet but we require some net. 
  • If there is no internet connection it will show an error and if you are downloading an application it will stop and show an error.

Check your date and time settings:

Google will always check the date and time that you enter. 

  • All the functions are calculated and observed at a certain time and it is recorded eventually. 
  • The application will be recorded according to the time that is present. 
  • If there is a mistake in the date and time then the application will show an error for sure. 

So, you should fix it. Go to settings and enter the correct date and time. This will solve some problems. If this problem occurs again do the same thing.

Install the latest version of Google Play:

We always use the latest version of google play it will be updated. 

  • But we should do the updating when the latest version is available. 
  • In this way, it will avoid most of the problems that we are facing with the google play store. 

We will be getting the latest version of applications that we need and get a good smooth experience in using it.

Clear the Google Play Store cache:

In some of the cases, you may get the chance to get the Play Store going by just emptying and keeping it like that from the cache. 

  • The cache is a small storage area that temporarily stores data that you process in your google play store application
  • First of all, head into the Settings that you see from your smartphone’s home screen page. 
  • Then you should go into the option Apps or Application manager; the name depends on the device that you use. 
  • from that point just scroll down and then hit Clear cache or you should go into Storage then Clear cache.
  • Now go to the google play store application and try to download any application.

If you have completed the download successfully then you can stop the process. Even after the process the problem is persisting then try these steps again or try another way.

Clear out your Play Store data:

Clear your data from the google play store. By the process of deleting the data, all the data will be gone. With all other data, the data which was making the error will also go.

  • In this way, you can get some space and get rid of the problem that you are facing. 
  • Whenever you face problems like this just do this process and check later.
  • Now, remember, when you do this process in your files, in settings, in accounts, in databases, and in other information then all will be erased. 

You should be sure that you have saved all the records that you want before you delete everything.

Clear data and cache on Google Play Services:

It is also possible that the google play store will get problems from the google play services option since it is the main center that helps in the functioning of the google play store. 

  • we can say that if google play store is considered to be the heart of android phones then google play services is considered to be the soul of the google play store. 
  • The google play services are the main thing behind the process of the google play store. 
  • If any error happens to the play services then it has to be solved.
  • If the process of clearing the cache and data on your Google Play Store is not working then you need to go to the google play services option and delete the storage there. 
  • When the storage there is deleted then the data that causes the problem will also be deleted.
  • The processes given above are the solutions for the problems that the google play store face. 
  • All the solutions are simple and easy to be accessed. 
  • If you are facing a problem with your google play store it is highly recommended to fix it before anything happens. 
  • Google play store is an important application for all android users
Even after following these processes if the problem is still there then you have to check and confirms that it’s the device problem or not.

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