How To Fix iPhone 7 Home Button Not Working (5 Methods)

Why my iPhone7 home button is not working:  This might be a massive problem for some of you to figure out. The reasons behind this issue can be due to any technical default of your device or may be due to any damage on your motherboard, or simply the sensor of the screen does not work correctly when touched on the home button of your phone.Do not panic! This article will guide you and give you a few ways that you can try and fix how to fix  iPhone 7 home button not working your problem.

How can I fix my Iphone7 Home button when it's not working (5 Methods):

  1. By adding an Assistive Touch Home button to the screen
  2. By using your device charger
  3. By long pressing the power button
  4. By rubbing sanitiser on the Home button
  5. Ask for help
Follow the given methods, and definitely, anyone from the following will help you sort out the issue.

Method 1: By adding an Assistive Touch Home button to the screen:

Step1: To begin, go to the settings icon, >Accessibility>Touch>AssistiveTouch.
Step2: Now, turn on the toggle for Assistive Touch, and after you do that, you should be able to see a semi-transparent button appear on your screen.
Step3: Then, tap on it to reveal a popup menu, and then tap on Home to simulate pressing the Home button.
Step4: You can drag and drop the Assistive Touch button to move it around your iPhone screen so that it doesn't get in your way.
Step5: You can make use of Siri to turn it off and on whenever you need it.

Method 2: By using your device charger:

Step1: Firstly, insert your charging cable inside your iPhone device port.
Step2: Then, gently press on the back of the connector, close to the bottom of your iPhone, as though you are pushing it towards the Home button.
Step3: Now, keep the pressure while you click the Home button a couple of times, and sometimes this can fix the issue and continue as normal.

Method 3: By long pressing the power button:

Step1: Long press the power button of your iPhone device.
Step2: You will now notice a screen that says slide to power off.
Step3: Press and hold your device's home button for about 10 seconds.
Step4: After 10 seconds, if you see the main screen of your device (lock screen), sometimes this will work.
Step5: If not, power off your iPhone and wait around 5 to 10 seconds.
Step6: Then, press the home button 5 to 10 times and again power on your device and you will see the iPhone logo, and you can check now and see whether your home button is working.

Method 4: By rubbing sanitiser on the Home button:

Step1: You will need a hand sanitiser and a cotton piece.
Step2: Spray the sanitiser onto the cotton piece and gently rub it on your iPhone's home button for about 30 seconds.
Step3: After doing that, press and hold the home button and check whether it's working.

Method 5: Ask for help:

If you still find that your home screen button is not responding or working correctly as it should. Feel free to visit a nearby Apple store to repair and fix the issue of your iPhone.

Final thoughts:

So, here we are packing up with this.I hope the posted article was helpful and provided you with some valid information and some methods that you can try and check out the issue.Share the posted blog with the people who also need to know how to fix their iPhone7 home button if it does not work correctly.

FAQs regarding the same:

Why is my Iphone7 Home button not working?
  • It can be due to Hardware problems such as the technical default in the interior parts of the device or software problems that can be corrupted and overloaded signals or can also be due to wear and tear of the phone. 
How can I fix my Iphone7 home button?
  • Read and follow the posted article above for more information, try out the given ways, and check whether your issue is sorted.
Can I fix my Iphone7 Home button?
  • Lagging of the home button can be a common problem, and thus, your phone needs a reset.The answer is Yes; you can fix it by trying out any of the mentioned methods in the posted article or upgrading your device to avoid any further complications.

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