iPhone XR Speaker Not Working On Calls (7 Methods Fix)

Why Is My iPhone XR Speaker Not Working : The reasons for this issue can be due to poor quality of the audio components or any interior damage of the XR speakers or can be due to any hardware problems that make it challenging to have a problem with the hearing issue of your iPhone XR speaker.Do not worry! This article will now guide you through ways to try out and check a solution for the problem.

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7 Method To Fix My iPhone Speaker if it doesn't work:

Follow the given methods and check if you can tackle the problem.

Method 1: Try out by toggling the mute switch and then rebooting your iPhone.
Method 2: Check whether you have disabled the Do Not Disturb mode on your phone.
Method 3: By disabling the Bluetooth connections.
Method 4: By using the manual settings of your iPhone.
Method 5: Hard Reboot your iPhone device.
Method 6: Reset all settings on your iPhone.
Method 7: Ask for professional help.

Try out by toggling the mute switch and then rebooting your iPhone :

Step1: Firstly, flip the ringer switch upwards with your phone facing up.
Step2: If you have already set to ring mode, flip the switch downward to switch your phone to mute.
Step3: Now, if an orange line or a bar is visible, this means that your iPhone is on Mute/Silent mode.
Step4: Now that your phone is muted, press and hold the Slide button and Volume up/Volume down buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.
Step5: Then, once the Slide to Power Off logo appears, release both the buttons.
Step6: Now, drag the power of the slider to the right, wait for about 30 seconds, and press and hold the Slide button until the iPhone logo appears.
Step7: After your phone is on, toggle the Ringer switch to switch your phone back to ring mode.
Step8: Try sending a text or even playing a piece of music and see whether you can hear a notification alert sound is enabled back to normal.

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Check whether you have disabled the Do Not Disturb mode on your phone :

Step1: Firstly, go and tap on the setting icon.
Step2: Then, find and select the Do Not Disturb mode option.
Step3: Next, toggle the Do Not Disturb mode to turn it off.
Step4: A half-moon symbol will appear on the top right corner of your iPhone if the Do Not Disturb mode is enabled. Toggling this option will disappear from your screen and can restore your XR speaker sound.

By disabling the Bluetooth connections:

Step1: Firstly, go and tap on the Settings icon on your device and then click on the Bluetooth option.
Step2: Toggle the Bluetooth switch to turn it off if it's switched on.
Step3: After the Bluetooth is disabled, try playing audio or a music file on your phone to check whether the sound system is working now.

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By using the manual settings of your iPhone:

Step1: Firstly, go and tap on the settings icon.
Step2: Then, find and click on the Accessibility option.
Step3: Now, scroll down, and under the heading, Hearing, choose the Audio/Visual option.
Step4: You will now see a balance bar line that says L for the left speaker and R for the right speaker. You can adjust the sound and check its working by doing this.

Hard Reboot your iPhone device:

Step1: Quickly press and release the volume up and down buttons one by one by one and then press the power button until the Apple logo appears on your screen.
Step2: Check for your speaker's sound once your phone is switched on.

Reset all settings on your iPhone:

Step1: Firstly, click on the Settings icon.
Step2: Scroll down and tap on the General option.
Step3: Scroll down again and click on the Reset option.
Step4: Then, click on the Reset All Settings option.
Step5: Once you do that, you will be asked to type out your device passcode. Type your password and then tap on the Reset All Settings option to confirm.
Step6: Now, you can check whether your speaker sound is working.

Ask for professional help:

If any of the mentioned above methods doesn't favor you, feel free to visit a nearby Apple Store to give your phone for repair and check the issue with the speakers.

Final thoughts:

I am winding up with this.I hope the posted article helped you and provided you with some valid information along with a few methods that you can try and check the working of your iPhone XR speakers' audibility.Share the blog with the people who also require knowing about this and the possible ways that can be worth trying, and hopefully, you'll figure out the solution.

FAQs regarding the same:

How to fix my iPhone XR speakers when it's not working

  • Read the posted article above to know more about it and follow the given steps and check whether your speakers are working by performing the methods.

Why is my iPhone XR speaker not working

  • It can be due to technical issues of the device or damage or breakage of any signals that can lead to muffled audio.The problem can be fixed by trying the given few methods in the article above. So, try and check for a positive result.

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