How To Activate O2 SIM Card (UK 4G LTE) Step By Step Guide

How to activate an O2 SIM Card: Buying a SIM card is an easy task. But the problem arises when you come home, open the SIM card package and start thinking about activating the SIM card function. Instead of waiting in line at the store or spending an hour in line at the O2 call centre to activate a SIM card, we are here to help you.

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O2 physical SIM card:

If you have a physical SIM card of O2, you don't need to activate it. O2 does not have the process of activating prepaid SIM and postpaid SIM cards. That means we specify all SIM card sizes except the embedded SIM. However, you will often encounter only Nano SIM or Micro SIM cards. To clarify, it is a good idea to enter the default PIN as soon as you insert the SIM card.

How To Activate O2 SIM card:

Unlike many others, this carrier makes it easy for users to use eSIM cards. It works for both O2 Pay monthly and O2 business. Let's see the steps to activate the O2 sim card.

Step 1: First, you have to enable the Wi-Fi connection on your phone, or you need to connect to a hotspot from another smart device.
Step 2: Get the SIM card package O2 provided to you. Look for the QR code below the flip and above the barcode.
Step 3: Do not worry if you do not get a package. In some countries, O2 will send a PDF file containing your phone number, PIN, PUK, ICCID, SSN and QR code to the email address you provided.
Step 4: Open the Camera app on your smartphone and take a picture of the package with the QR code on your screen.
Step 5: After a couple of seconds, a new window will open on your smartphone, which will ask you to confirm adding a profile.
Step 6: Click on the Confirm button at the bottom right corner to proceed further.
Step 7: If nothing happens while taking pictures, you need to go to the following options on your iPhone: Go to Settings >> Cellular >> Add Data Plan and try to retake a picture.
Step 8: If you have not yet seen the results or use an Android phone, follow the No SIM card inserted debug guide.
Step 9: After a brief loading period, you will add the O2 profile successfully on your device, and the Profile name may vary by country.

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How to activate O2 Pay as you go SIM card: 

If you use O2 Pay as you go SIM card, then the following steps will be helpful for you to activate that SIM card quickly. I think you already know about Pay as you go SIM card which gives lots of excellent benefits for its users. Especially for O2, topping up your credits activates your SIM card and extends its lifespan by another six months. You can top up an O2 pay as you go SIM card in three different methods, and let's see it one by one.

  • Top Up O2 Pay as you go SIM card through call.
  • To top up the O2 SIM card by calling, you must first call 4444 from any mobile number.
  • Dial +441753 552 277 from any mobile phone, even if you're abroad
  • Call * 111 * # from your mobile phone and answer the call. And then dial 4444 # and enter the code you received.
  • You can also top up using a landline by calling 08456 062 277. 
  • You can also contact 03456 062 277 from a landline.

Top Up O2 Pay as you go SIM card using vouchers or E-top up cards:

All coupons or cash machines that contain a green top-up logo will work as 'Pay as you go O2 SIM cards'. Here, you will come to know how to use vouchers or E-top up cards.

Step 1: To top up using vouchers, you need to call 248 from your mobile number.
Step 2: You have to enter the 19 digit number, which is printed on the backside of the voucher when it prompts.
Step 3: After that, you need to scratch the silver foil to find the five-digit pin and enter it.
Step 4: Once you are done, you will get an SMS that will confirm whether you did everything right or not.

Top up using My O2 app or Website

If you're a Business O2 or Pay Monthly user, your accounts will purchase the SIM or sign the contract. Using that account, you can use the My O2 Sign-in page. If you are an O2 pay as you go SIM card user, you will need to register your O2 account first to top up. Both users can also use the My O2 app to top up.

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