"Invalid Sim Card" In Android Smartphone (12 Methods To FIx)

Invalid Sim Card In Android Smartphone : The fault Invalid sim card specifies that your sim card is having some trouble and is unfit to identify it. So you first power off your smartphone and test if your sim card has any problem. If you get any fault message from your android mobile phone like Network locked sim card inserted, Activation of your sim card is not completed, Invalid sim card inserted and no sim card detected, definitely it makes you pissed off. But do not worry about it; it's not the biggest problem simple methods can solve. In this post, we make a clear and intelligible explanation of ways to fix this invalid sim card error on an android smartphone.

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Meaning Of Invalid Sim Card On Android Mobile Phone

Invalid sim card fault means that your android handset does not have any sim card in your sim card tray or network connection of your mobile phone is not good, or your sim card is not inserted in its sim card slot. It's not the most significant issue due to the connection between the sim card and its place. Most android customers are facing this problem again and again. Let here you know to find the solution for this ongoing problem.

Why Does My Android Smartphone Say Invalid Sim Card:

  1. Maybe your sim card is not activated.
  2. Sometimes damaged mobile phones also cause this problem.
  3. Damaged sim card tray.
  4. Bad application also makes invalid sim card issues.
  5. Due to poor network connection.
  6. Software bugs.
  7. Faulty sim card.

Here we describe how to recover this problem on your android mobile phone step by step:

Method 1:

Restart Your Android Device:

The simplest method to heal this invalid sim card on an android smartphone is by rebooting or restarting your android mobile phone; it removes all software bugs from your device and fixes minor errors. you continue the android device after connecting to the Network again and check the error is healed or not.

Method 2:

Re Insert Sim Card On Your Android Phone:

If your sim card is not inserted correctly in your android handset device's sim card tray, it makes the faulty connection, so switch off your mobile phone and take out your battery, check your sim card tray, pull out your sim card the fix back your sim card properly. Now switch on your handset device to prevent the problem is solved or not.

Method 3: 

Check Sim Card Tray:

If your sim card tray is in broken condition, it also makes an invalid sim card error, so you test your sim card tray whether it's damaged or not. If the sim card tray is damaged means adjust the sim card tray by using a piece of foam. To do this, remove the android device's sim card slot, put the foam into the tray, then fix your sim into that tray, now sitch on your hand device check out whether this problem is solved or not.

Method 4:

Insert Valid Activated Sim Card:

If your sim card is not activated, it also makes your sim card an invalid error. To rescue from this problem, put a properly valid activated sim card into your android smartphone.

Methode 5: 

Toggle Airplane Mode:

If your sim card is valid but shows an invalid sim card error, you should toggle your android handset device in aeroplane mode, which will solve just a few minutes. Follow the below steps to put your mobile phone to aeroplane mode,

Step 1:Open the notification panel from your android handset device
Step 2:Tab to turn on the aeroplane mode
Step 3:Now, warning text is displayed on the android screen, then hit the message.
Step 4:wait 30 seconds and then turn off aeroplane mode

Now the android device looks for a network and your android mobile phone finds the sim card, then these sim card issues are resolved.

Method 6: 

Choose Correct Network Operator:

If the network operator chooses your android phone is different from the phone settings, you get the invalid sim card error on an android mobile phone.

Method 7: 

Clear Caches Of Your Android Mobile Phone:

Clear caches of your android mobile phone will solve your invalid sim card problem

Method 8: 

Se Network Mode To Auto:

If your android device operates on the wrong Network, it makes an invalid sim card error message. So you need to select the correct Network on your device to solve this invalid sim card error.

Method 9: 

Put Your Android Mobile Device In Safe Mode:

The unwanted app also makes this invalid sim card error; you can charge your mobile phone in safe mode, it helps to stop working off third party applications, and it does not mark invalid sim card errors on your android mobile phone. keep the following steps to enter your android smartphone in safe mode

Methode 10:

Factory Reset Your Android Mobile Phone:

The above nine methods are not solved the invalid sim card problem. This reset option helps to rescue th invalid sim card issue. what can do it in step by step

  • Open your android mobile's setting
  • Go to system and select  reset option
  • Now select the erase all data(factory reset)
  • Then select reset phone

Methode 11: 

Buy New Sim Card:

After using the above ten methods, you get the same error again. Your sim card is in faulty condition. So first, you buy a valid sim card and insert it into your android handset device.

Method 12: 

Contact Your Mobile Phones Service Center:

After you change a new sim card again, his problem may occur due to some hardware problem with your android mobile phone. So you should contact the service centre they will repair your android smartphone.

Final Words:

Now that we have entered the end of this post, I expect the above methods will genuinely help recover your android smartphone from an invalid sim card error problem. Before that, if you try the factory reset method, you should download the Android data recovery app to restore your deleted data from your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to activate my sim card?

  1. Eject your sim card
  2. Enter  and record the sim card id
  3. After the sim card account has been updated, insert your sim and restart the mobile
  4. Now sim card is activated successfully

How can I test my sim card?

  • Remove the sim card 
  • Wipes the dust particles from the sim card using any cloths or blow it
  • Insert properly into the sim card tray

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