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Overview Of Latest Application In Android Mobile : Certified Quality Auditor test is the short form of the CQAtest application. The primary function of this test is to find the strength and weaknesses of the system in quality control. This means it monitors the quality and assurance of your android device. This is the inbuilt application, and the latest app is not visible in the app drawer.

This CQAtest application checks your android phones whether they usually work or not. Most android mobile phone companies use this CQA application as a systematic tool for future android devices. This CQA test app is also called a quality monitoring app.

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Purpose Of Cqatest App:

The android smartphone developer uses this application to monitor your android phone's function and status of the operating system. And this application is most securable it does not share any critical personal information with your android developer. The American society gives is CQA certification for quality.

The CQAtest application is mainly used to test the overall external parts of your android device, such as a loudspeaker, microphone, touch screen, torchlight like this. But it slows down their overall system performance.

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Common Problems

  • Lock screen is not working
  • After long-pressing your android power button, the camera is not working
  • Problem with incoming call
  • Home key does not work
  • Recent applications are not working
  • Battery indicator does not display on the screen
  • Trouble in sim access means your smart device goes to aeroplane mode automatically.

Is Cqatest App Dangerous:

No, This CQA test application is not dangerous at all; this application is an invisible app to the average user. It is the testing app to test the component of your android device to provide its quality. Please don't panic about this app because it is not harmful.

Is The Latest App Is Safe To Install:

Yes, This CQAtest application is a practical application on your android device. Many android customers complain of different problems after this CQA test appears on their mobile phones. That is, random freezes, glitches, and delays appear from nowhere.

How To Disable The CQA Test Application In Your Android Phone:

If the CQA test app is not working correctly, it shows the error message that is CQA test comm server has started. At that time, the CQA test app was displayed in the main menu of your android smart device. So if you want to solve this problem when using this app, follow the steps one by one to disable this application from your handheld device.

Here we explained three methods to disable this application from your smartphone device:

Methode 1 :

  • Open your android mobile and go to the setting option
  • And then click the App option
  • After that, click the force Uninstall button. Now you can disable the CQA test application

Method 2 (Reset Mobile Phone):

  • Open your handset device go to the setting option.
  • Then select the backup and reset button.
  • Then press the Factory data reset option
  •  Now the CQA test application is disabled successfully

Once you reset by using the factory reset option, what will permanently delete the mobile phone set, so make sure to restore your important data to another external device before using this method. Because this factory reset wipes your whole mobile device.

Method 3 (Clear Cache):

  • After opening your android mobile phone tab, the setting option
  • Hit the google chrome option
  • Finally, press the precise history and website data

How To Uninstall The Cqatest Application:

If there is no problem that your phone is usually working when you have this app-enabled, then there is no need to delete this application. Even though it makes any trouble, it is good to delete or uninstall this application. You can install this application by resetting or reflashing the new inventory ROM.

Factory reset is the most convenient method to delete this application because this factory reset option will delete your android handset device and all apps and information.

  • Open the setting of your android device.
  • Go to security option then select the screen lock.
  • Then turn off your mobile.
  • Long press your power button until your phone feels the vibration.
  • when you see the developer logo in your handset device, remove your finger from the power button.
  • Now select the data factory reset option use your volume down key.
  • Then switch on your mobile phone.

Again, use the volume down key, click yes, and press the power button. After That reboot, your android smartphone was reset successfully, and now the CQAtest app has disappeared successfully.


This CQAtest application is not a virus or malware application, and this application truly helps test your phone's performance. It does not make any most significant issues, but most customers like to remove this application. So friends, in this article, we clearly explained about CQA test app and the uninstallation process of the CQAtest app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the CQAtest app on my phone?

  • The certified quality auditor test application is specially designed to monitor the overall performance of the various apps and the general performance of the whole android device.

How to force stop the CQA test?

  • You can force stop this app to setting>> app drawer>>CQAtest>>force stop.

How to download the new version of CQAtest?

  • This app is a default app; it does not have to download or updated with your mobile. It will be updated automatically along with os.

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