How to Block Restricted Calls in Android/iPhone (What Is Restricted Call)

What Is Restricted Call: Sometimes when your phone rings, no caller information will show on your android screen; instead of regular caller name and phone number, the term restricted or private will show on the mobile phone's screen. This warning indicates that your call is banned. This means that person contact you without their details, such as their name and phone number, thus blocking it from public viewing with a private number. Some may do this for their security and privacy, but some of them use this application in the wrong way. So you are the android mobile user, and if you have a question about what is restricted or private call, then this article helps to know about this call and learn a bit of how to block this type of call on your android smart device.

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What Is The Use Of Restricted Call:

Some Android users use local or private calls due to privacy problems, especially high-profile users. This kind of user generally doesn't show their details with others, so they use a privacy call or restricted call option. Suppose the customers are using this restricted mode option. In that case, the all receiving person can't see the incoming caller number and name.

How To Make Restricted Call:

You can make this local call to put *63 in front of the dialled number. For example, You want to call this number 444 5555; now you can dial *63 444 5555. The recipient would not get your mobile number; instead, it shows a private or restricted call instead of your number.

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How To Find The Restricted Phone Calls:

Most of the customers face local phone calls, which causes big trouble. There are many ways to find a mobile phone number and fix these problems.

  • Thrace the phone calls.
  • Get mobile bill.
  • Contact your carrier.
  • Set your android mobile phone to reject that restricted call.
  •  Ask the caller..

Built-In Blocking For Restricted Call:

Most android companies have this build blocking application. And You can block the restricted call by using the third-party application, which is used to avoid or block unnecessary calls on your android smartphone. In this section, we explained,

  • How to block restricted calls on an android smart device
  • How to block restricted calls on an iphone device

Block The Restricted Calls On Your Android Mobile:

  • Click the android phone icon which is placed at the bottom of the home screen
  •  Press he less than symbol(>) next to 

Restricted Number:

  • Swipe down and click the block number 
  • Now that  restricted number is blocked successfully

Block The Restricted Calls On Iphone Device:

  • Tab the android phone icon symbol at the bottom of your android home screen
  • Click the questions mark symbol(?) next 

To Restricted Number:

  • Select the block number option
  • Now, this restricted call number is blocked successfully.

Third-Party Application For Restricted Call To Block Restricted Call Number:

who can block this restricted or private call number by using some third-party applications available for Iphone ios and android smartphone devices? Here we give the three latest local call blocking applications.

  • Hiya caller id app.
  • Robokiller app.
  • Call blocker app.

Block Restricted Call By Hiya Caller Id Application:

s one of the most popular block caller id applications for both iphone devices and android devices. Just click and block the spam number and local or private call numbers in this application. The hiya caller id app is straightforward to handle, and it is a user-friendly application.

Robokiller App To Block Restricted Call:

This robot killer app is a terrific application because it blocks the spam number of your mobile phone device and stops the time-wasting messages. But a drawback of this application is that it is not a free application; you must pay the money after using the trial. The amount is based on what option you select.

Restricted Call Blocker App O Block The Restricted Or Private Call:

This limited call blocker application is only for android mobile phone users; this blocker application is mainly similar to the hiya caller id application. It extracts the local calls number from your android device call log and adds it to the blocked list.

Final Words:

Now we entered into the final words of this article, and this above blocking method helps all mobile phone customers because it saves your time. Otherwise, you waste your time on unnecessary calls and unwanted messages. Nowadays, this type of harassment is increasing, so this blocker application protects customers from changing their phone numbers. I fear restricted call spammer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens when you get a local phone call?

  • Suppose you get the call from a person using the restricted call option. In that case, that person again wants you to call back. It doesn't show the caller name or number; instead of the phone number, it displays local or private calls.

Why do people make local calls?

  • Because of their security, If a person who they call is aggrieved, they can use the mobile number to track and find the actual location of the agency calling them.

What happens when you dial *31?

  • Suddenly, when you dial *31from your dialer keypad, it will disable the service. That means your service is blocked immediately.

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