How To Check Airpods Battery On your Android Phones

Airpods Battery On your Android Phones : The AirPods is only for apple Iphone device users. It is now also suitable for windows ten and all android intelligent mobiles. If you want to use the AirPods in your android smart mobile, you should check their battery level and the charging level just like an iphone os user. It fits with ears, and the sound is better than other Bluetooth earbuds; it comes with a small charing box.

AirPods and want to connect your AirPods with your android smartphone device and know the battery level of your AirPods, just read this article.

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About Airpods:

Airpods are one of the wireless Bluetooth earbuds developed by the apple industry. Who launched these AirPods in 2016 specially designed for iphone devices. The AirPods have microphones that filter the background music and built-in accelerometers. And these AirPods also contain an optical sensor capable of finding the taps and pinches.

How To Connect Airpods With Your Andriod Mobile Phones:  

Step-1:Put your AirPods into AirPods charging case and close this case lid. Wait a seconds
Step-2:Now open the charging case lid and press the connect button, which is placed backside of this charging case.
Step-3:Hold this button until the LED light starts to flash white.
Step-4:Switch on your android mobile phone, Go to the Bluetooth setting option.
Step-5:And find your AirPods, Click pair option.

Now your AirPods are ready to connect with your android mobile device. In advanced android, the mobile phone version shows the approximate charging level of your paired Bluetooth device. But still, the facility is not available. So You need to download some third-party applications to find the battery level of your AirPods.

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How To Download Air Battery Application:

Step-1:Open your android mobile phone.
Step-2:Visit the google play store ad search the air battery.
Step-3:Find and download the appropriate air battery application.
Step-4:After downloading this air battery application and install into your Android handset device or tablet

How To Check Airpods Battery Level On My Andriod SmartPhone: 


Open the google play store on your android handset device, download the materiatalpods application. This app is free to use, but you must spend the money if you need any additional features. Luckily there is no need to pay the amount for an essential element such as AirPods battery level check on your smartphone.


Check the instructions on how to get the app into a working state. You give the permission and enable this option to access the location and allow drawing over the application. It is required to display the iphone operating system style popup with your AirPods battery level.

Now, Open your AirPods charging case and connect your AirPods to your android intelligent handset device. You will see the pop up with AirPods battery level indicator for AirPods and charging case. Also, this application always indicates the battery level in a notification centre. So you can always check the battery level here.

Final Words: 

Now we have reached the end of this proposal. In this post, you have the full details of AirPods, like the installation process and battery level checking process.AirPods are applicable for all android mobile phones. You are an airport user, and I hope this article helps you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the AirPods used?

  • Airpods are wireless Bluetooth devices specially designed for iphone users and iPad customers. But now, it is available for all android mobile users and other computer device users. By using these AirPods, you can pair the AirPods with your android mobile as well as apple tv.

Can I make a phone call with AirPods?

  • Yes, each AirPods has an inbuilt microphone for mobile phone calls and talking with the Siri application.

How do you turn off AirPods?

  • Open your android mobile device
  • Go to setting option
  • Select the Bluetooth icon and tap on the (!) icon next to your Airpods
  • Select either left or right  AirPods
  •  Then finally, hit the off option.

How long do AirPods batteries last?

  • Your AirPods battery can get up to five(5) hours of listening and three(3) hours of speaking time on a one time charge. You may charge your AirPods 15mins; It helps to three (3) listening time and two hours of telling time.

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