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Vi Value Added Services:  After rebranding the Vodafone idea to Vi, this company has been slowly taking up the market with excellent top-up plans, product offers and more. This Vi network did an amazing job at providing undistributed service o the entire nation during an excess demand for mobile data and faster internet in 2022.

If you are the Vi network user and you don't know to manage your value-added Service on this network? If it's yes, then you came into the right place. In this post, we explain full detail how to manage All your Vi VAS service using the official vi application, sending messages and Vi official websites.

Here we give a very easy way to start and stop your favorite Vi VAS on your Vi mobile number. Just follow the below instructions o know the all VAS activation and deactivation process.

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What Is Vas In Vodafone Idea:

VAS stands for Value Added Service. Vodafone's recharge idea will give you a certain plan that includes the internet, unlimited talk time, SMS and more. This VAS indicates a service that will charge you money beyond your recharge pack.

While you get most of the Service in a coupled Vi recharge plan, extra Service is still not added to the project. For example, if you want to add a caller tune, you will be charged extra money for a month apart from the current plan; however, if you spend extra money for any service like horoscope, Shayari, caller tune and more provided by the seller for a monthly price it is named Vi VAS service.

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Vi Value Added Service List:

  1. Vi caller tune and Hello tune
  2. Vi profile tunes
  3. Vi movies and Tv
  4. Vi voice chat
  5. Vi star talk
  6. Vi services
  7. Vi games
  8. Vi astrology
  9. Vi name tune
  10. Vi sports pack
  11. Vi ussd code list
  12. Vi do it yourself
  13. Vi contests
  14. Vi conference call
  15. Vi DND (do not disturb) Service:

Method-1: How To Activat Vi VAS Service By Sending SMS :

  • First Method To Activate Vi Vas Service By Sending Sms.
  • Open your mobile phone.
  • Lunch the text message application.
  • Now ope this text message app.
  • Type the message START in the message body field.
  • Then Send this typed message to the number 155223.
  • The Vi VAS service will be activated soon on your vi sim number.

If you want to activate or deactivate any particular Vi vas service by sending SMS, find the SMS code and send that keyword into predefined numbers 144 (for prepaid vi sim user) and 199 (for postpaid vi sim card user).

Method-2: How To Activate Vi VAS Service Using My Vi Moblie Application :

  • Open your smartphone.
  • Select the google play store and type the application name in the search bar.
  • Download this my vi mobile application.
  • After downloading process is completed, Launch this application.
  • log in to the app with your vi mobile number

Then search and find the VAS service option in the main menu Now you can see the all Vi VAS service list on your mobile phone's screen Select the required VAS service to activate Then confirm to activate your Selected VAS service Done.

How To Deactivate Vi Vas Service On Your Vi Mobile Number:

Here we give two possible ways to stop Vodafone's VAS services, including Vi mobile application and the SMS method. Both methods are very simple and the fastest method to use. Vi VAS's deactivated number is 155223, which can be dialed to deactivate VAS services in Vodafone's VAS number. This is the better :way to stop vi VAS service like Vi sports pack, Vi fun portal, Vi games, jokes pack, etc.

Method -1 Deactivate Vi Vas Service UsingVi Mobile Application:

  • Open your smart mobile device.
  • Choose the google play store application and type the Vi mobile application name in the search bar.
  • Download and launch this application
  • Then login to this application by entering your Vi mobile number.
  • After logging in to the application, go to the VAS option.
  • Search and find the activated Vi VAS service list.
  • Select the Service you wants to deactivate
  • Finally, confirm the deactivation.

Method-2 Deactivate Your Activated Vi Vas Service By Sending Sms:

  • Open your mobile phone.
  • Select the text message application.
  • Create the new message.
  • Type the message STOP in the content body field
  • hen send this typed text message to the predefined number 155223.
  • All your activated VAS services will be stopped or deactivated immediately.

If you want to deactivate the particular VAS service through a Text message, find the deactivation SMS code, then send this deactivation code to the predefined number 15223. immediately that particular VAS service is deactivated.


No, we entered into the end of this post; I hope this post surely helps all Vodafone idea network users to activate and deactivate your Vi value Added Service on your vi mobile number. Note that this vas service is chargeable, so go through their rates before you start this Service. You are the Vodafone idea telecom service user, then read this post and enjoy the benefits of VAS service.


How do I check Vi's active services?

  • You download my Vi mobile application then view your active vas packs detail by clicking on the main menu and vibrant packs and Service.
  • Otherwise, dial *199# and select the appropriate option to know your active VAS plans and packs details.

What is VAS D2C in vodafone?

  • Vodafone is India's popular telecommunication service provider to shares higher revenues upto 70% of companies. But only for direct to customers(D2C) services, and these D2C users use this Service directly from the internet using their smartphones.

How do I stop balance deduction in the Vodafone idea?

  • Just dial *444*24*0#, press the one (1), then send. Now your balance deduction is stopped........

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