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How To Block Jio Sim Card: Have you lost your mobile phone, or has someone stolen your cell phone? one of the first things you need to deactivate your sim card. Then only you prevent any misuse of your mobile phone. Or your sim card gets damaged; in these cases, you should block your sim card.

Some mobile phone customers are don't know it's serious even their sim card is lost. If your sim card is in the wrong person's hand, then the sim card owner faces a significant problem. Then you lose your sim card. The first crucial necessary step is to block your sim card. All telecom service provider allows you to block their sim card. This proposal briefly explains how to stop your sim card quickly permanently.

If you are a reliance jio sim card user, lost your sim card or stolen? Don't panic; calm down. This reliance on the jio network service gives the number of simple and most straightforward methods to block their sim card without difficulty. Also, this reliance jio telecom service provider provides one more fantastic service: you can get a new reliance sim card with your old jio sim card number.

If you want to block or deactivate your reliance jio sim card, follow the below methods. let us read one by one on these five methods to secure your jio sim card, mailing your jio care.

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5 Methods To Block Jio Sim Card Step By Step Guide:

  1. Contact your jio customer care
  2. Through Reliance jio official website
  3. Visite the Reliance jio store
  4. Using Another number.

Method 1:To Block Or Deactivate Reliance On Jio Sim Card By Mailing Your Jio Care:

This is one of the easiest methods to block your jio sim card, compose your message, and send it through email. Immediately you will receive a reply from reliance jio customer care without being unsure.

  • Open your email, then compose the mail from the email id connected with your My jio account.
  • Ask your query brief mention your number concerned along with the reason for blocking the jio sim number. mail at your jio care.
  • You will be sent an email with the jio helpline link.
  • After that, your reliance number will be blocked soon. After your sim card is blocked, you will get an email from your jio customer who cares about the suspension.

Method 2:To Block Or Deactivate Your Reliance Sim Card By Calling Customer Care:

You can contact your reliance customer care from any number and connect with your jio care service to get your sim card blocked.

  • Open your mobile phone.
  • launch the dialer application.
  • Now open this dialer application.
  • Then type the Jio customer care number 199.
  • Press the call button.
  • Now your call is connected with the jio care service.

Follow the instruction to block your jio sim card You need to share some detail such as your name, date of birth, and your father's name, as well as the reason for blocking your jio sim network service. Finally, your reliance sim card will be deactivated as soon as the confirmation is done.

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Method 3:To Block Or Deactivate Your Reliance On Jio Sim Card Through Sign In My Jio Official Website Or Portal:

This is another online method. This online method is also an expeditious and straightforward way to block your sim card. You can stop your sim card yourself online without going to the jio store or contacting customer care. Follow the below steps to disable your sim card online,

  • Open your smartphone.
  • Then browser or google chrome.
  • Type my jio official website or portal in the search bar.
  • Log in to your profile on my jio website using your mail id and password.
  • Now press your name, which is placed at the top right-hand side corner.
  • Then visit the My Account.
  • Select the settings icon.
  • Then click the suspend and resume down arrow tab.

Now click the suspend option to block your sim card. It will take a maximum of 1 minute to disable your reliance sim card. The confirmation message will be displayed on your mobile phone's screen, hit ok. Successfully your reliance jio sim card is blocked.

Method 4:To Block Or Deactivate Your Jio Sim Card By Visiting The Reliance Digital Store:

You can block or disable your sim card by seeing the reliance digital store. Before that, find out your nearest reliance jio store using Google Maps. Before going to that reliance store, you must carry a registered mobile number's identity proof(id proof). A valid identity proof would work as long as it is linked with your jio account.

Method 5:To Block Or Deactivate Your Reliance Jio Sim Card Using Another Phone Number:

You can also disable or deactivate your jio sim card using an alternative jio mobile number. You can use this method when you have another jio phone. To do this, follow the below instructions,

  • Open your mobile phone with another jio sim card.
  • Launch the dialer application.
  • Open this dialer keypad, then type the number 100 88 99999.
  • Wait and follow the instructions on call to connect with the customer care representative
  • You will be asked for your sim detail and why to block the sim card.

How To Resume Your Reliance On Jio Sim Card:

You might find or trace your lost sim card. In this case, the reliance jio network provides an excellent option to unblock your blocked sim card easily. You can resume your secured sim card through a mailing to customer care, through my jio website, and visit the jio store.

Mailing Jio Customer Care:

  • just open your email id, then compose the mail with the blocked jio number.
  • Explain your query in brief, along with the reason for resuming the secured sim card
  • Send this mail to jio customer care.
  • Now your sim card will be reactivated within 24 hours.

Through My Jio Website:

  • Just open the io official website and log in to your account.
  • Now your name will be shown on the top right corner click on your name.
  • Then tap on my account.
  • Then select the settings icon.
  • Scroll down and click the suspend and resume option.
  • After that, click the resume option.
  • Now your blocked sim card is reactivated successfully.

Visit Jio Store:

Go to the nearest reliance jio store and tell the store service team about your blocked sim card's situation. Do carry your id proof with the sim registration, and the jio service team will help you reactivate your jio sim card.

How To Get The Same Old Jio Number In A New Sim Card:

Unfortunately, if your sim card is lost or damaged, the first thing you will do is block your jio sim card. There is a chance you have most contacts from this lost or damaged jio number of yours. But ow there are possible to request for the same mobile number is a new sim card for you to use.

But changing this sim card is not possible online. You have to get a new sim card in reliance jio store only. So you should carry proper identity proof linked with the lost or damaged io sim card, and you will give it to the reliance digital in person.

  • Find the nearest reliance jio store or jio retailer ad ask for the duplicate sim card.
  • to give your correct id proof of your address document and passport size photo.
  • They charged rs 25 for your duplicate number.
  • After getting your duplicate sim card, please insert it into your smartphone and complete the initial setup process.
  • After completing the setup process, your duplicate jio sim card will activate in the next few hours.

How To Get Jio Sim Replacement:

  • Go and visit your nearest jio store.
  • give your correct id proof with your passport size photo.
  • Then exchange your old jio sim card with a new sim card and ask the store salesman to get your new sim card with the same number.
  • After getting your new sim card, remove your old sim from your mobile phone and insert this new sim.
  • The old sim card will stop working, and the new sim card will activate within 24 hours.


Now we entered into an end of this post; Here, we explained full details about how to block and resume your jio sim card and get a new sim card in the old jio number. I hope this post helps all reliance jio customers deactivate and reactivate their jio sim card quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I temporarily suspend my jio sim?

  • Go to my jio official website. 
  • Login with your account using your jio mobile number
  • Now click your name, which is placed at the right top corner
  • Then select the My account>>settings icon option
  • After that, click the suspend and resumer option
  • Finally, click on the suspend option

Now your sim card is temporarily suspended.

How do I block a number on my jio phone without jio?

  • Go to your phone's contact list, then select the contact number you want to put on a blocklist. Now scroll down and click on the block this number set.........

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