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How to Activate VOXI SIM Card: VOXI is a type of Mobile Virtual Network Operator, and it uses the Vodafone network in the United Kingdom. Despite being one of the smallest networks in the UK, this carrier was the winner of "Uswitch Best PAYG Network" in 2020. Also, they are one of the best SIM-only deals because their goal is not to bind users to a deal. Also, VOXI Carrier offers excellent value for money with free calls, text messages, and a large amount of data. With these, you can enjoy a great deal's features for the money. 

This makes it an excellent choice for people traveling across the United Kingdom. In this post, we will share the procedure to activate the VOXI SIM card.

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How To Activate VOXI SIM Card Online:

You can easily activate a VOXI SIM card using its website. Let's see the steps to start a VOXI SIM card online.

Step 1: You have to start the first step by visiting Activate Free SIM page of the VOXI carrier. The link for that page is
Remember that you must be in the UK or use a proxy / VPN when performing the following steps.
Step 2: Once you have opened that link, you must enter your ten-digit SIM card serial number to activate the VOXI SIM card.

Note: You can find the first five digits on line 2 and the other five digits on line 3 on the SIM card package you received from VOXI.

Step 3: Next, you will need to click on the Choose a plan button. 
Step 4: Once you click that option, it will automatically take you to their Plans Page, where you need to choose the desired payment plans.
Step 5: You need to create a user account for yourself. Create a username and password for your account.
Step 6: After creating your account, you have to choose the payment method from the list, like a credit card, debit card, and gift card. Select any one option and complete your payment.
Step 7: Check that the information you have entered so far is correct. If all the notification is accurate, click on 'Continue.' If not, edit the incorrect detail.
Step 8: Next, insert a VOXI SIM card on your smartphone and wait a while to get its signal.

That's all. The process to activate VOXI SIM Card is completed. Let me clarify one thing that the carrier says it takes a few minutes to start a VOXI SIM card, but it can take up to 24 hours.

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Activate VOXI SIM Card as a Vodafone User :

Suppose you are a Vodafone user and wish to change your carrier from Vodafone to VOXI. In that case, the following information is helpful for you. As I said before, VOXI is Vodafone's Mobile Virtual Network Operator. So you can easily change your carrier from Vodafone to VOXI. To do so, you have to visit VOXI's 'Keep My Number' page. The link for that page is

On that page, enter your Vodafone number and click on 'Continue.' Keep your phone number and follow the same steps given above to complete the process to activate the VOXI SIM card. You must manually activate mobile data by connecting to any Wi-Fi network and text "WEB" to 40127. If you send this SMS from VOXI, then it is free. Once the SMS is delivered, you will receive 2 SMS before downloading APN Settings automatically.

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Contact Customer Care Service Of VOXI To Activate VOXI SIM Card:

Suppose you have any trouble while activating VOXI SIM Card using the above methods. In that case, you can contact the customer care service of VOXI. The VOXI carrier does not have a call center. Still, you can get help by contacting VOXI officials through Social Media platforms or Web chat. 

To contact VOXI Customer care through Webchat, visit VOXI's Contact Us ( page. Initially, the chatbot will send you the message, and then you can type your question and click on Send. Following are the social media addresses of VOXI

  • Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (@VOXI_UK), 
  • Facebook (@VOXIUK), and
  • Messenger (

You can contact the VOXI officials through any social media platforms and chat with them to clear your doubts regarding activating the VOXI SIM Card.

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